Homemade Cream with Dry Skin Aloe


The cream Homemade with Aloe Vera for Dry Skin is a great alternative for those who suffer from dry skin, this cream is also a perfect alternative to end this problem, because this cream consists of ingredients rich in many nutrients, which are essential for to health .

Today we make an anti-wrinkle cream for mature skin. It is a natural, homemade cream with ingredients so good that you can eat it without problems.

Before we begin to tell you how this homemade skin cream is prepared to mature with aloe vera, we want to give you some recommendations.

Use this cream at night. Remember that these types of creams are usually a little heavier or greasier than creams for the day. Otherwise, the skin will become very shiny and heavy.

Choose ingredients of very good quality. For example; in the case of olive oil , we must use one that is extra virgin. So now check out the  Homemade Cream with Dry Skin Aloe:

Homemade Cream with Dry Skin Aloe1

Ingredients of Homemade Cream with Aloe Vera for Dry Skin:

50 ml extra virgin olive oil

50 ml rosemary infusion

50 ml almond oil

4 capsules of collagen

2 leaves of aloe vera

1 and ½ teaspoon honey

How to Prepare Homemade Cream with Dry Skin Aloe:

Place the aloe vera leaves on the counter and, with the help of a knife or scissors, remove the spines from the edges. Then open the aloe vera leaves in half to extract the white gel that is inside. After extracting the gel from the 2 leaves, bring to the blender. Beat very well for a few seconds.

Add the rosemary infusion  and beat again. Open the collagen capsules in half and add them to this preparation. Then beat for a few more seconds so they blend into the mixture.

In a bowl mix the two oils (olive and almond) together with the honey  and bring a water bath until the honey  melts. Then turn off the fire.

Mix with blender for 10 minutes the preparation is expected to cool and then pour the cream (which now has a slightly liquid consistency of mayonnaise) into a container with lid. Store in a cool place away from sunlight.

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