Homemade Camphor Cream To Eliminate Fat, Cellulite And Firm The Skin!

Homemade Camphor Cream To Eliminate Fat, Cellulite And Firm The Skin

Homemade Camphor Cream To Eliminate Fat, Cellulite And Firm The Skin  Simply And Effectively. In addition, cellulite is a problem that affects a large part of the female population, women are very concerned about the appearance of the legs and buttocks, using a smooth and cellulite-free body is everyone’s goal.

Homemade Fat Eliminating Cream

If you are tired of receiving expensive treatments and buying creams that do not solve it, I have an effective and easy solution to make, it is a homemade cream that will help you eliminate orange skin with super simple steps.

Do not doubt what I tell you, just put it to the test and you will soon see that these nodes will disappear and you will see your beautiful and soft skin, no doubt prepare to show a body free of cellulite.

The ingredients are totally natural and affordable, what makes the preparation more attractive is that you certainly have them in your home, take note and follow the steps to prepare it.

Homemade Cream To Eliminate Fat, Cellulite And Firm The Skin:

Learn how you can prepare this cream that completely eliminates cellulite.





Sodium bicarbonate

Method of preparation:

Mix two tablespoons of vaporubs, one of baking soda, three tablespoons of camphor and a small ball or crushed camphor, until it forms a paste, store it in a plastic pan with lid. You will get a homogeneous mix.

Apply to problem areas (arms, legs, buttocks, chin or abdomen) with circular motions, massage 15 to 28 minutes, repeat twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening before bed.

This cream offers fabulous results, if you combine it with exercises such as walking or cycling, running or dancing, it will be more effective, drink lots of water and eat healthily, remember that cellulite is formed by the accumulation of toxins. and excess sugar and fat, try to decrease your intake.

Eat green foods and low sugar drinks, eat fruits and vegetables, salads are very rich and provide energy.

If this is not your case, share this important information, women always worry about maintaining a beautiful body, but some for lack of time or different occupations do not have enough time to go to a gym.


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Homemade Camphor Cream To Eliminate Fat, Cellulite And Firm The Skin!

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