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Home Remedy For Treating Lips that you may not know. In addition, the Raised Lips represent an unpleasant disorder characterized by extremely fragile lips, which rupture and, in severe cases, crack to the point of bleeding.

Dry lips are a typical condition of winter: it is not by chance that cold air and low temperatures are the two most involved factors in the appearance of this imperfection, which sometimes assumes the character of a real pathological disorder.

Ensuring constant moisturizing for the lips is undoubtedly the first protection procedure to be implemented to prevent dryness. When dry lips become a problem that does not heal through normal cosmetic treatments, it is necessary to seek a doctor’s appointment to determine the absence of any underlying disease.

On the surface, the lips have a thin oily film, a natural defense against the loss of moisture; Thus, when this protective film is removed or damaged, the lips lose their natural defensive bastion.

Dry lips do not always start with the same symptoms: the severity of the problem depends on both the cause and the degree of moisture present on the lips. However, dry lips are usually accompanied by symptoms like burning, redness, swelling, “pulling the skin”, peeling and cracking.

When the skin of the lips becomes particularly dry, the stretching of the lips can cause painful fissures that can often even bleed.

An excellent protection for the lips against external agents is the constant and regular use of moisturizing creams or oil-based sticks: the use of moisturizing, nourishing and emollient products is the first line of defense against dry lips.

The most suitable substances to protect the skin from the atmospheric agents are undoubtedly the plant ingredients that restore the lip barrier function of the skin.

In addition to the cosmetic treatment, it is possible to reduce the burning that often accompanies the Lipstick , while improving the appearance, through the implementation of some small tips, described below:


Tips for Treating Lipstick:

Avoid acidic drinks in the presence of dry lips: for example, the contact of citrus juices with the lips can accentuate the typical burning sensation;

Do not continuously moisten lips with your tongue;

Follow a healthy and balanced diet;

Correct any vitamin deficiencies: when necessary, supplement the diet with vitamin supplementation (see group B);

Choose creamy, quality lipsticks;

Drink plenty of water (at least two liters of water per day);

Quit smoking.

Now that you know Basically everything about Lipstick , see in detail a great home remedy for treating chapped lips.

Regularly Exfoliate the Lips:


1 teaspoon brown sugar;

1 teaspoon of honey;

1 teaspoon olive oil ;

1 brush teeth .


In a small pot, combine all ingredients and mix well;

Then apply the mixture to the lips and using a soft toothbrush make circular movements over the lips to exfoliate them;

After exfoliating, allow the mixture to act for fifteen to thirty minutes, removing at the end with running water .

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