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Home Remedy to Treat Callus Quickly  that many individuals are unaware of. In addition, the calluses are thickening of the stratum corneum of the skin, usually yellowish in color, rounded shape, smooth and rigid surface and consistency similar to plastic.

These lesions are caused by repetitive and excessive tensions, frictions or prolonged compressions over time by a foreign body, always in the same place or in larger areas of the skin. Therefore, Calluses constitute the protective response of the body to these mechanical stimuli.

The practice of manual labor and the performance of some sports activities may encourage the development of this irritating skin thickening. The appearance of Calluses can also indicate a state of discomfort and suffering of the feet due to incorrect poses or shoes too narrow or inadequately.

Generally, the calluses develop on the upper and outer edges of the toes, forefoot, or the back of the heel. These lesions have a diameter of about 2 cm and have skin lines furrowed on the surface.

Causes of calluses:

The most common causes behind Callus formation are friction (friction) and pressure exerted on the area affected by the disturbance.

In a sense, calluses are a skin protection in the area they appear in: they actually appear as a defense mechanism to protect the living cells of the epidermis (present in the deeper layers of it) that – in response to insults continuous mechanics – increase keratinization processes. Not coincidentally, Calluses of the hands and feet are always formed on a precise point of the skin, exposed to continuous friction or exaggerated pressure.

Who Has Probability of Calluses in Feet?

Patients with structural abnormalities in the feet with bone spurs are statistically more exposed to the risk of callosities in the feet than those with full health.

However, even some completely incorrect behaviors increase the likelihood of developing similar lesions. For example, wearing inadequate or too tight shoes, as well as the habit of not wearing socks, causes more friction in some areas of the foot, causing calluses .

Now that you know basically what is callous, see in detail a great home remedy to treat it:

Maize Flour and Almond Oil Exfoliating:


1 teaspoon almond oil ;

45 g of corn flour ;

1 tablespoon sea ​​salt ;

3 drops peppermint essential oil .


Mix all ingredients in a bowl and add warm water to form a consistent paste;

Then I massaged the clean, moist feet with the exfoliator, insisting on rough regions with calluses, and then washing with soap and lukewarm water.

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