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Homemade Remedy To Eliminate Wrinkles that you possibly do not know. Furthermore, the wrinkles  are folds or ridges, tend unappreciated, formed on the surface of dry skin and not too elastic for the inexorable passage of time. In addition to the natural aging process, genetic and environmental factors contribute to the appearance of Wrinkles .

It is well known that smoking, alcohol, stress, exposure to light radiation (natural and artificial) or chemicals (including very aggressive detergents), as well as enhanced facial expression and overeating are generally among the most faithful allies of aging. skin.

Causes of Wrinkles:

As mentioned, the appearance of wrinkle is linked both to the inevitable aging that depends substantially on genetic factors (intrinsic aging), both external and environmental (extrinsic aging or environmental factors).

In most cases, these types of aging contribute in conjunction with the appearance of irritating imperfections such as Wrinkles .

The main cause of the appearance of Wrinkles  is the loss of skin structure. In fact, as time progresses and / or follows exposure to certain environmental factors, skin cells decrease their activity and suffer damage and alterations that lead to the consequent loss of elasticity, hydration, tonicity and firmness of the skin.

More in detail, as a result of aging, the fibroblasts present at the level of the dermis gradually and inexorably diminish its activity, with consequent reduction of the synthesis of elastic fibers, collagen fibers and glycosaminoglycans (the fundamental components that aid in the support and support of the skin) .

Now that you’ve basically known the concept of wrinkle, see in detail a great home remedy to eliminate wrinkles:


Home Anti-Wrinkle Mask:


1 tablespoon rose water ;

1 tablespoon liquid glycerin;

3 tablespoons of honey from bees;

1 tablespoon and a half of water witch hazel.


Mix all ingredients thoroughly until it becomes a homogenous blend. Spread the entire mask on the face, protecting the area of ​​the nostrils, hair , eyes and let it act for 30 minutes, then washing with cold water . Use this homemade mask 3 times a week.

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