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Home Remedy To Remove Dandruff You May Not Know . In addition, Dandruff is a very common disorder, in which the scalp is covered by an abundant whitish scaling. These small flakes, dry and pearly, are nothing more than dead cell waste, which replenishes faster than normal.

This excessive exfoliation, called Dandruff , is often accompanied by itching and an irritating “snow effect”, accentuated by combing and rubbing the epidermis. Such operations, in fact, favor the detachment of the scales, making the problem particularly visible and somewhat embarrassing. The good news is that, generally, Dandruff  can be effectively controlled.

When the disturbance is not very pronounced, daily washing with special shampoos or lotions is sufficient, with a certain fungicidal power and an effective washing base, but at the same time non-irritating to the epidermis.

The Dandruff  is a typically male problem; in fact, men produce higher amounts of sebum, probably due to high levels of androgens. Even with less frequency and intensity, the disorder is still widespread.

Dandruff  usually appears in early adulthood and tends to regress after 35-40 years. It is rare in children and the elderly.


Causes of Dandruff:

In the genesis of this disease, the most varied hypotheses have been advanced, such as poor diet, stress , a natural tendency for dryness of the scalp , excessive production of sebum or washing too often, or very scarce, with products unsuitable for their own characteristics.

While some of these elements may actually contribute to accentuating Dandruff , they are unlikely to be the main cause. In many cases, the real culprit is a fungus, which lives on the scalp of most people, without causing any discomfort.

The problems occur as soon as the colonies become too numerous and feed on the sebum that decomposes into irritating fatty acids, accelerate the turnover of the epidermal cell.

Now that you’ve basically known what Dandruff is , see in detail a great Home Remedy to Remove Dandruff .

Beet to Remove Dandruff:

With the aid of a pot and some water , put a beet to cook;

After about five minutes, extinguish the fire and allow the water to rest for ten minutes;

When it is still half warm, use water to rinse the scalp and massage;

Be careful not to use your fingernails, as they may injure your scalp ;

Repeat the process three times a week.

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