Home Remedy To Eliminate Cellulite


Home Remedy to Eliminate Cellulite that you possibly do not know. In addition, edematous-fibrosclerotic panicolopathy of adipose tissue, better known as Cellulite , is one of the main imperfections affecting approximately 80% of women.

Today, cellulite appears before the age of 20, localizing mainly on the outside of the thighs, the lateral region of the pelvis, the inside of the thighs and the buttocks.

The causes that determine the development of cellulites, in their four degrees of evolution, are very well known and widely analyzed. The close association between them and female hormones explains why men, even obese, usually do not suffer from this problem.

Factors that negatively affect adipose tissue located in these areas are: sedentary life, stress , inadequate nutrition, intestinal irregularity and marked water retention .

All these factors can lead to breakdown of fat cells; the fats contained in them escape into the extracellular space and compress the blood microcirculation, altering its functioning.


Causes of Cellulite:

In the origin of Cellulite there is a group of genetic, hormonal and vascular causes exacerbated by sedentary life, stress and poor eating habits and behavior.

Genetic Causes: The origin of Cellulite exists a genetic predisposition linked to factors such as increased hormonal activity, a capillary fragility and circolazione.

Inadequate footwear, such as those with high heels and tight ends, and very tight clothing, alter posture and impede blood and lymphatic circulation.

Stress: frenetic life, excessive physical and mental fatigue and poor nighttime rest are conditions that, when associated with other factors, contribute to determine the appearance of Cellulite .

Horsetail Tea To Eliminate Stria:


180 ml of water together;

1 tablespoon dried horsetail leaves .


Boil the water together with the dried leaves of horsetail for five minutes .

Then let it cool for five minutes;

Filter and drink tea still warm;

Drink four times a day.

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