Home Remedy To Cure Influenza, Sinusitis, And Inflammation In The Throat!


This tea that we do not usually do is oregano. And you can not imagine how good it is to treat a sore throat , scattered cough (you know the one who clogs everything nose , ear and chest?) And even various digestive problems. That’s just to speak of the most ordinary.

From being always seen on top of the tasty pizza it is difficult to imagine oregano in another situation, right? With its peculiar smell, the herb calls attention and appears timidly in some pastels, salads, sauces and Italian pasta, but have you ever thought of it in a tea? Oregano tea , although rare seems to have several medicinal properties beneficial to health, including the ability to reduce the symptoms of PMS .

See Benefits of Oregano:

The benefits of oregano in the curative area are due to its medicinal properties (already recognized by several studies);

Flu cold;

Asthma ;


Indigestion ;

Esophageal reflux;

Muscle pain;

Acne ;



Ear pain ;

Toothache ;


Heart problems;

Oregano Tea Recipe:



1 to 2 teaspoons of oregano to a glass of hot water;

Method of preparation:

Leave on infused, stuffy, for 5 minutes and take still warm (up to 3 cups a day);

In case you want a more immediate action:

Triple the serving of the herb for the same amount of water, add half squeezed lemon and a spoonful of honey .

Take the hot tea and keep your body warm, free of wind and temperature variations.

Oregano is a powerful antiseptic that can also be used to wash contaminated wounds and gargle.

The consumption of tea should be done two to three times a day, without exceeding the limit of 12 hours between one consumption and another.


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