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Do you want to learn how to make a home remedy against bursitis that will help you treat and eliminate your pain?

The bursa, more simply, is a bag with liquid inside that facilitates the normal movement of joints and muscles, avoiding intense rubbing and friction. Bursitis is an inflammation of the bag and causes a lot of pain. It can occur in the shoulders (more commonly), but also in the knees, elbows, hips, toes and heels. The good news is that there is a home remedy for bursitis that can relieve the pain caused by inflammation.

In addition to the pain, bursitis usually causes swelling, stiffness in the joints and limitations of normal movements.

Unfortunately, those who suffer from bursitis have their daily routine very affected. Cooking, cleaning the house, driving and even brushing your hair or brushing your teeth can be painful and expensive.

To facilitate the lives of people with the disease, here are 4 home remedies for bursitis.

4 Home Remedy Options for Bursitis

To begin, it is important to know that your diet is an important home remedy for bursitis. It is very important to combine food with natural and traditional treatments, making the effects faster and more intense.

Look for foods rich in vitamin D and C, strengthening bones and joints.

Increase the consumption of oats, bananas, spinach, broccoli and chickpeas, as they act as natural anti-inflammatories , which will soften the inflammation of the bursa.

Also invest in detox water and green juices to speed recovery. The organism is already being taken care of, wonderful! Now look at these home remedies.

1. Devil’s Claw Tea

This tea has anti- inflammatory, healing, relaxing and anti-arthritic effects . The root of the devil’s claw plant ( Harpagophytum procumbens ) relieves pain and reduces inflammation, making it an excellent home remedy for bursitis.

This herb is very suitable for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, bursitis, fibromyalgia and tendinitis.

Attention! It is contraindicated for pregnant women, nursing mothers (women who are breastfeeding) and for people with intestinal and stomach problems, such as ulcers and polyps.

Ingredients :

Devil’s claw root: 2 tablespoons;

Water:  1.5 liter

Preparation Mode:

  1. Boil the water with the root of the devil’s claw.
  2. After boiling, turn off the heat and cover with a lid for 5 minutes.
  3. Strain, let warm and drink 1 cup of tea 2 times a day without sweetening.

2. Hot and cold compresses

In the first days of the crisis, make cold compresses the affected area to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain whenever you consider it necessary.

These can be done with a cooler bag or even with ice cubes in a plastic bag wrapped in a light cloth, such as cotton.

Once the acute phase passes, begin to make hot and cold compresses alternating them three times a day.

To do this, first make the cold compress for 20 minutes, place the hot compress for another 20 and finish with the cold one.

3. Stretching and physical activity

Exactly that: you can and should move to help cure bursitis. Good stretching and lighter activities, performed with caution, help increase movement and speed recovery.

When you do physical activities, it stimulates blood circulation, which speeds up the healing process and prevents the disease from reoccurring.

If bursitis was caused by repetitive movements in any sport, seek the advice of a physical therapist before returning to physical activity.

4. Black peppermint oil

Black peppermint oil is a recognized anti-inflammatory, which can be applied locally to relieve pain, stimulate blood circulation and reduce inflammation.

For this, dilute 3 drops of the essential oil in a tablespoon of coconut oil and perform a therapeutic massage on the site. You will have better results if you do the massage after stretching.

Black peppermint essential oil can also be added to the immersion bath at a rate of two drops per liter of water.

Causes of bursitis

This inflammation can be caused by the excessive use of a joint , through repetitive and incorrect movements, and as a consequence of diseases such as gout, rheumatoid arthritis or even infections. These are the main causes of bursitis:

Repetitive movements

The practice of some sports, such as tennis, requires many joints through repetitive movements. Accidents with sudden movements that require too much muscle can also trigger a crisis.


How are you looking at the screen now? Is your posture correct? You know that one of the most common causes of bursitis is related to posture.

When you sit for a long time, the tendency is to find a more comfortable posture, misaligning the spine and forcing several joints.

Health problems

Some diseases may be relevant to trigger a bursitis crisis , some of them being:

Other factors related to the body, but not necessarily diseases, can also trigger the inflammatory process. This is the case of bone spurs, calcium deposits, spinal deviations and the difference in leg length.

Invest in good nutrition, exercise carefully and try a home remedy against bursitis. Remember that each body reacts in a unique way and it is essential to first seek the advice of your doctor since the data presented here does not replace the opinion of a professional.


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