Home Care To End Porous Hair!


Home Treatment To Kill Porous Hair quickly and naturally. Also, do you have dry, curly hair? Would you like to give a healthier and smoother look? When professionals talk about hair porosity, they refer to the scalp’s ability to absorb moisture from both water and oils . The problem with a hair that is very porous is that as it absorbs much more moisture, it also loses it quickly. As a result of this lack of hydration, porous hair is characterized by being too rough, opaque and tends to get tangled very easily.

Although we can find different hair products at a cosmetics store that help us improve the appearance of a curly hair or hair, we can also make our own home remedies with much more natural and economical ingredients. In this article we will teach a Home Care to End Porous Hair . Keep reading!

Home Care To End Porous Hair:

One of the best treatments for porous hair is the mask made with ingredients as easy to find as olive oil and egg. On the one hand, olive oil has healthy fatty acids that impart emollient properties that help moisturize hair and preserve moisture. On the other hand, the egg is a food rich in proteins, B-complex vitamins ( vitamin B1 , vitamin B2 , vitamin B3 and vitamin B12 ) and amino acids such as L-cysteine, so that gives us excellent restorative properties that cellularly regenerate the hair strands and strengthening properties that stimulate the growth of healthy hair.



1/4 cup olive oil ;

1 this .

Method of preparation:

Add 1/4 cup olive oil in a bowl along with 1 whole egg and then stir the ingredients with a fork until there is a homogeneous mixture.

In case the scalp tends to be greasy, add only the egg white.

When you have made the mask, moisten the hair with hot water and apply it on any hair, especially at the tips.

Let it act for 30 minutes and then wash the hair in the usual way.

Then wash normally with shampoo and conditioner.

Finally, wash your hair with warm / cold water to seal the tips properly.

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