Health Benefits of Litchi


This fruit is tasty and nutritious. Take the opportunity to consume it in summer

The scientific name is Litchi chinensis, the litchi is a fruit native to the warm regions of Asia. This has a soft white flesh, while its bark is reddish and more rustic. Precisely because it is native to warmer climates, it is very adaptable to the soil of Brazil and has already fallen in the taste of Brazilians. Learn about the health benefits of this fruit and see the tips on how to consume it.

Litchi benefits

Rich in vitamins and minerals, it acts on the benefits of various parts of the body. Especially when inserted into a very healthy diet, combining with other vegetables.

1. It helps reduce bad blood cholesterol

The so-called bad cholesterol is LDL, which accumulates in the wall of the artery and hinders the passage of blood. It contains a substance called proanthocyanidin, which stimulates good cholesterol to travel through arterial walls by eliminating bad cholesterol.

2. Improves the health of the skin, nails and hair

The antioxidant effect of vitamins B and C of this fruit is excellent for maintaining healthy cells. Therefore, the skin, nails and hair also benefit.

3. Maintains good intestinal health

Fiber-rich vegetables contribute to a better digestive process, including the proper functioning of the intestines. This effect is obtained when the fruit is part of the diet, combined with other foods rich in fiber and water.

4. Reduces the risk of tumor development

There is hardly a single reason why tumors develop. But it helps a lot to keep cells healthy. One way to do this is to eat foods rich in antioxidants, which prevent cells from aging and getting sick.

5. Help control blood pressure

As already mentioned, the bad cholesterol that gets stuck in the walls of the arteries is a villain for heart health. In addition to this reduction in cholesterol, this fruit is also rich in potassium, which helps control sodium in the blood. Therefore, blood pressure remains more balanced.

6. Strengthens the immune system

Vitamin C is one of the most popular when it comes to strengthening the immune system. As it has a good dose of this vitamin, the fruit becomes an ally of a more resistant organism to fight diseases.

7. Has anti-inflammatory action

This benefit is related to the strengthening of the immune system. When the body is ready to treat health problems or injuries, it is easier to fight and reduce the causes of inflammation. This does not mean that fruit is a remedy. But it is a reinforcement for body maintenance.

Nutritional properties

Since it offers so many benefits for the body, this small sweet fruit is made from a good nutritional set. In every 100 grams consumed, there are:

  • Energy value: 62.5 calories;
  • Proteins: 0.83 grams;
  • Fibers: 1.04 grams;
  • Vitamin C: 71.88 milligrams;
  • Potassium: 166.67 milligrams;
  • Calcium: 0 micrograms;
  • Magnesium: 10.42 milligrams;
  • Phosphorus: 31.25 milligrams.

Does the litchi lose weight?

It can be said that it is a good ally for weight loss, as it contains polyphenols that help burn abdominal fat. In addition, it has few calories and, with its fibers, helps prolong satiety and the proper functioning of the intestine. All this is important in the process of weight loss, within a healthy and balanced diet.

How to consume it?

In addition to eating pure fruit, another very common way to consume it is in juice or vitamin. You can add it in dessert recipes such as puddings and ice cream, or even cake fillings.

Contraindications and care to take into account

In general, there is no toxicity that makes litchi dangerous for people who are healthy. However, it is good to avoid its consumption only if the doctor allows it, in cases of health problems. These problems are food allergies, chronic kidney disease and diabetes.

The tips in this article do not replace a doctor’s consultation. Remember that each organism is unique and can react differently to the aforementioned. To achieve the mentioned results, you must also combine a healthy life and a balanced diet.

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