Have Stronger Nails in 3 Days Using Just 1 Ingredient!


Have Stronger Nails in 3 Days Using Only 1 Natural and Healthy Ingredient . Also, if you did not know, there is a way to make your nails last longer.

There is a method that has as a fundamental part to add to the gloss layer, which we commonly put as protection, there is a natural way that helps you to prolong the duration of the manicure, and today you will know how to do it.

The most interesting part of this recipe is that you will only use one single ingredient that you undoubtedly have in your house and that is very easy to obtain, it is vinegar. So look how you should make this simple recipe so that your manicure lasts much longer on your hands.

The disinfectant effect of vinegar will help our hands as it eliminates any residue you may have and you can have your nails painted longer.

Also, wipe away any excess dirt that adheres to the paint and shine, preventing you from losing the manicure for household activities, for example, washing dishes, clothing or cleaning. With this recipe your nails will be the envy of your friends, the best thing is that it is not necessary to spend large sums of money in salons. Here’s how: Have Stronger Nails in 3 Days Using Just 1 Ingredient:


First take some cotton and wet it with a little white vinegar, which you will pass through the surface of each of the nails, when you press a little so that the liquid is better impregnated. When it dries, you should repeat the same process.

Then without rinsing your hands, paint with a glaze of your choice and repeat this step with a double layer, to finish add a shine to enhance the color on your nails.


The vinegar dries the surface of the nail and removes any residue of dirt or moisture, so the first coat of paint adheres more easily prolonging the duration of your enamel.

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