Green Juice Recipe to Lose Weight in 7 Days

Green Juice Recipe to Lose Weight in 7 Days

Green Juice Recipe to Lose Weight in 7 Days in a simple and super natural way. In addition, this  Green Juice to Lose Weight is a great option of healthy juice to lose weight in a few days. If you have trouble burning excess fat in your abdomen, we bet you’ve tried several ways to help and accelerate weight loss, but none or only some of them really work.

We have the slimming drink you dreamed of! You should start the day with this natural juice and you will soon get rid of stubborn fat in the abdomen. In addition, this drink tastes amazing!

Green Juice Recipe to Lose Weight in 7 Days:


1 celery stalk;

1 cucumber;

3 slices of pineapple;

lot of parsley leaves.


Wash the vegetables and fruits thoroughly, then cut the cucumber in circles. Slice parsley and celery and mix all ingredients in a blender.

Mix until desired consistency.

You should drink this juice as soon as you wake up, on an empty stomach for a week.

Make sure you drink it no later than 15 minutes after preparing it.

The surprising effects of this Green Juice to Lose Weight are due to the many nutrients and beneficial qualities of its ingredients.

Celery contains incredibly few calories, as a cup of chopped raw celery has only 16 calories and each large stem of celery has only 10 calories. Likewise, cucumbers are made up mostly of water and are good for weight loss, as a cup of chopped cucumber contains only 14 calories.

Parsley has mild diuretic properties that prevent water retention and eliminate excess fluids from the body.

However, note that for best, long-term results, follow a healthy diet, avoid sweets and sugar, and focus on vegetables and fruits. You should also start exercising regularly, as this will help the weight loss process and offer many other health benefits.

Green Juice Recipe to Lose Weight in 7 Days

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