This Garlic Remedy Controls Cholesterol and Eliminates Fat

This Garlic Remedy Controls Cholesterol and Eliminates Fat

This Garlic Remedy Controls Cholesterol and Eliminates Fat quickly and easily. Also, are you tired of trying to lose weight with meds and drugs that don’t work? Know some recipes that can change your life.

The important thing is to know the nutrients in the foods you eat and how to combine them with your diet. It is excellent when you look in the mirror and like what you see, you are happy with yourself, but that does not mean that you are a healthy person. Your whole body needs to function properly and therefore you cannot have clogged arteries, heart, intestinal, digestive, high cholesterol, among others.

Today we are going to show you a recipe to eliminate these problems and you will also lose a few pounds. However, be careful, as this is not a recommended recipe for children.

This Garlic Remedy Controls Cholesterol and Eliminates Fat

You will need 1 glass container, half a liter of good red wine and 12 cloves of garlic.

Raw garlic is rich in medicinal properties (antioxidants, bacterial and antiseptic properties) and red wine also has substances that benefit the body – improves blood circulation, regenerates cells, contributes to heart health, has anti-inflammatory action. inflammatory and many other benefits.


As Hippocrates said, “wine is something extremely appropriate for human beings, both in terms of disease and health, since it is ingested in moderation and in the right amount, according to the physique and organism of each individual”.

It is with these two ingredients that you will improve your health and avoid many problems. Take note of the recipe that will change your life, it is very easy to prepare:

Step 1: Start by cutting the garlic cloves into small pieces and then place them in the container.

Step 2: fill the rest of the container with half a liter of wine.

Step 3: After the mixture is ready, take the container to a window or place it on your balcony (it is essential that the mixture receives natural light).

Step 4: This “juice needs to ferment and it will take about 15 days. After this period, your drink will be ready to drink.

Step 5: You only need to strain to remove all the garlic, leaving only the wine that heals.

You can consume it three times a day, before main meals, in a dose equal to one tablespoon. When the wine is finished, you should not consume another immediately.

Wait 15 days and you can redo the recipe and restart the healing process.

This Garlic Remedy Controls Cholesterol and Eliminates Fat

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