What Foods to Avoid if you have Dry Skin

What Foods to Avoid if you have Dry Skin

Foods to Avoid Dry Skin: Hydrate your dermis and recover the shine it had taking care of what you eat

People take care of themselves more and more. This implies both in the field of food and when exercising. Also, cosmetics are products to which both men and women devote a considerable part of their salary to keep the dermis in good condition and delay aging. In addition to the products, you have to know what foods to avoid if you have dry skin to improve the appearance of it.

What foods to avoid if you have dry skin to improve it

Apart from the cosmetics that you can buy in the establishments, there are several recipes that are made with food that serve as a face and hair care mask , for example.

In the same way that some foods favor that the dermis or the hair shine and are strengthened, there are others that harm it. Therefore, know what foods to avoid if you have dry skin. In this way, you will prevent the problem from getting worse.


Potatoes or potatoes, on the one hand, have the property that they tighten the skin because it has starch. However, if you eat them raw they will act negatively on your skin causing it to lose light and dry. What’s more, if your dermis is already very dry, ingesting a lot of potatoes can cause your skin to become irritated.


This citrus that is great for a lot of things and in fact is also used in some aesthetic treatments. However, do not use lemon in your masks if your skin is dry because that effect will increase. In addition, it can also cause rashes, burning and burns.


Cucumber is also on the list of foods to avoid if you have dry skin because of its astringent properties.

Final tip:

If you have dry skin, it is best to consult a specialist which is the most appropriate treatment for your skin type. Also, this can also give you an orientation on the foods that you should include and those not in your diet to improve the situation.

Foods to Avoid Dry Skin

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