Fight Cough and Arthritis Pain with This Homemade Syrup!


Fight Cough and Arthritis Pain with This Homemade Syrup that you may not know. In addition, the problem of having a weakened immune system is that any disease or virus can wreak havoc very easily in the body.

Generally, the most common you may suffer is an ordinary or cold flu, and although they can be cured in a matter of days, they are still very uncomfortable ailments, especially due to the constant cough and nasal discharge.

And it does not cost anything to use some natural remedy, for example a homemade syrup of pineapple and ginger. In principle, natural remedies can aid in curing diseases of any kind, but they also strengthen the immune system and create a barrier that restricts new bacteria or toxins from entering the body.

Properties of Each Ingredient Used In This Recipe:


The abacax has high levels of vitamin C , manganese, antioxidants, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to these components, your body is totally protected from any toxin or bacteria, in addition, it encourages the work of all organs of the body, strengthening the bones and helping to lose weight in a short time.


Given the amount of minerals and vitamins that the lemon contains, the body is highly benefited from its consumption. Its antibacterial and antioxidant qualities help combat free radicals , viruses and chronic diseases that aim to reduce the quality of our health.


One of the best foods to accelerate the digestive and metabolic system, ginger is a great option for losing weight, detoxifying the body at a general level and giving us a stable health over a long period of time.

Ginger syrup and pineapple can relieve arthritis , cough , muscle and joint pain in a short time, you need to be constant and follow the preparation and consumption instructions. Now, see in detail how to Fight Cough and Arthritis Pain with This Homemade Syrup:

Homemade Syrup to Fight Arthritis Cough and Pain ::


1 medium pineapple ;

1 tablespoon grated ginger;

2 lemons;

4 tablespoons of honey.


Take the pineapple , remove the peel and wash to cut into small pieces, then you should put them into pieces of fruit in your blender and start beating by adding all the ingredients in the specified amounts, bit by bit.

If you see that you need some water , it may spill, but only a minimal amount. Once you get a completely homogenous substance, you stop hitting and pour the liquid into a jar or container with a tight lid.

The syrup should be consumed 2 to 3 times a week in the amount of ΒΌ cup, ending with cough , boosting the immune and nervous system and preventing other types of diseases both now and in the future.

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