The Fear of Thinking that one is Living is Bad for Mental Health


It is important that such fear stops for the sake of the person

As the years go by, problems create, as do obligations. This can make people not see things as rosy as in childhood and their days cease to be happy as before. Likewise, losing family members due to old age influences people having certain fears. However, it should be known that the fear of thinking that one is living is not good for mental health.

The fear of thinking that one is living is not good for mental health

All people need the support of their loved ones and a place to take refuge. However, adults, parents will always be parents and these are helpful.

But it is the law of life that one day they die. This causes people to be left alone and, sometimes, without strength to move forward in the face of certain obstacles. This situation is because they do not have the spirit of yesteryear to fight for certain dreams or things since the survival instinct is in decline.

At this point, some people suffer from fear of thinking that they are living. The consequence of this is that they can suffer some mental illnesses. But you should keep in mind that once you reach adulthood or old age, even though they have already gone through bad times, there are still things to live and enjoy that will be good. Therefore, as they say, do not throw in a towel.

Instead of being afraid of life, you should see the glass half full and keep the richness of your experiences. Also with the independence you have and with how strong you have become by having managed to get around all the stones that have arisen in your path.

Think that the wisdom you have now is not the same as you had years ago and use it in your favor instead of being afraid to stay alive and what might happen. Life is only one and you have to give your best every day to try to be as happy as possible.

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