The Way you Exercise can Prevent Arthritis

The Way you Exercise can Prevent Arthritis2

This disease can cause joint and bone pain.

Arthritis is framed within rheumatic diseases. Although there are more than 100 different types, the best known are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. In dice of the Mexican Association of Relatives and Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis ( AMEPAR ), these ailments appear, especially, in women from 25 to 50 years. Therefore, preventing arthritis is essential. To do this, you should know that the way you exercise can help a lot.

The crux to prevent arthritis could be the way you exercise

The Way you Exercise can Prevent Arthritis1

People with arthritis suffer from swelling in the lining of the joints. Consequently, this causes them severe pain, in addition to making it difficult for them to move and they have inflammation. This condition can damage tendons, joints, cartilage, ligaments and even bones, according to the Arthritis Foundation.

Having a diagnosis in the early stages of the disease helps the joints to not deteriorate as much, as do other parts of the body. In fact, some types of this ailment can also affect organs such as the heart among others.

Obviously, in addition to conducting medical check-ups to keep everything under control, it is essential to prevent arthritis. For this, the key could be the way you do physical activity.

From an early age, it is essential that you exercise regularly to strengthen the muscles. Thus, these will act as a barrier and protect the joints preventing their wear.

In the event that you already have the disease, it is better that you focus on gentle stretching. These will help the joints gain amplitude. Walking or walking, that is, low-impact aerobic exercises are also good in this case.

The Way you Exercise can Prevent Arthritis

Other tips to prevent the disease

You should keep in mind that being at your ideal weight will also help prevent arthritis since you will not be putting an extra burden on your joints.

Avoid harmful habits such as tobacco, sedentary lifestyle and hitting you.

In the case of women, because of menopause, they can suffer a loss of bone density, according to the Arthritis Foundation because the ovaries no longer produce estrogens. This increases the chances of osteoporosis. Therefore, it is advisable to have a hormonal substitute, always prescribed by a doctor.

Know here some homemade recipes for rheumatoid arthritis.

The Way you Exercise can Prevent Arthritis

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