Eliminate Gas and Stomach Bloating in Less Than 15 Minutes With This Natural Remedy!


How to Get Rid of Belly Swollen Using This Recipe in a Simple and Natural Way  . In addition, the  swollen belly  may be caused by incorrect intake of certain foods. The swollen belly and abdominal pain in the form of stitches can be symptoms of intestinal gas that can appear after eating foods that form more gases like cauliflower and meat in excess, for example.

How to Fight the Swollen Belly:

Your body may be telling you that something is not right. When the air gets stuck in your digestive tract, it is due to the accumulation of toxins and this ends up causing the swollen belly . This area starts to swell and can lead to other problems like heartburn and acid reflux. But do not worry. There is an inexpensive and fantastic way to get rid of these toxins and cure these troublesome digestive diseases.

If you are familiar with juices, you know that this is a great way to get certain nutrients and can be effective in treating the swollen belly sensation in addition to preventing certain health problems. Adding purple cabbage to your favorite fresh juice can strengthen your digestive tract and help you improve the swollen belly .


Benefits of Purple Cabbage:

  1. Strengthens the Immune System:

The purple cabbage contains two very important vitamins: K and C. Vitamin C has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect , which improves cellular health. It also fights harmful bacteria, swollen belly  and certain infections. High doses of vitamin C are recommended at the first sign of most diseases to help boost the immune system.

  1. Helps in Digestive Health:

The fiber in purple cabbage allows the digestive system to function as desired by fighting the swollen belly , battling constipation and other intestinal diseases. It does not take much purple cabbage to normalize your digestive system.

  1. Combat Chronic Problems:

Because of its powerful antioxidant effects , purple cabbage is recommended for anyone at risk of developing dementia and with people with bowel problems. It is great for  getting rid of the  swollen belly . These include Alzheimer’s , Huntington’s and Parkinson’s disease. The evidence also points to cancer-fighting properties, making it super important in anyone’s diet.

  1. Anti-inflammatory properties:

Recent research shows that eating more cabbage can effectively reduce the swollen belly . The phyto nutrients present in purple cabbage , combat swelling, gas and inflammation. So now you may be wondering: what is the recipe for fighting the  swollen belly? Check out the complete recipe and Learn How to Get Rid of Belly Swollen Using This Recipe:


1 purple cabbage ;

1/3 teaspoon cayenne pepper;

1 handful of coriander;

1 ginger root thumb ;

1/4 of a file;

1/4 of a lemon ;

1/2 cup coconut water .


Simply mix all the ingredients in the fruit centrifuge or blender and mix well.

Use it whenever necessary.

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