Ear Tinnitus – What It Is, Causes and Treatments


Ear Tinnitus – What, Causes and Treatments You Need to Know. In addition, Ear Tinnitus is characterized as one of the symptoms of hearing loss. Ear Tinnitus affects approximately 15 to 17% of the world’s population, according to WHO data, which corresponds to about 250 million people.

In the country alone, this number reaches 25 million people. Estimates show that in 80% of the cases, ringing in the ear is blocked by the brain and the individual is not uncomfortable.

However, in 15% of cases, patients feel unwell and 5% of individuals have the so-called ‘ disabling tinnitus ‘, which compromises their professional, social and health life.

Causes of Ear Tinnitus:

Conditions that lead to Ear Tinnitus may originate in the auditory system itself or in other systems that affect the ear indirectly.

The main problems originated in the auditory system are:

Wax Lock

Age-related hearing loss

Exposure to loud noises, both at leisure and at work

Acoustic neurinoma (rare tumor affecting the auditory nerve)

Changes in hearing ossicles

Meniere’s disease.

Ear Tinnitus Treatments:

To treat Tinnitus, you need to know the cause of tinnitus . Sometimes the treatment is simple, which may include removing the wax from the doctor, using antibiotics to treat the infection, or surgery to correct ear defects, for example.

However, in some cases treatment is time consuming and more complicated and may require a range of therapies that may help alleviate symptoms or decrease tinnitus perception .


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