Drinking Tea Usually Helps to have a Better Brain Structure

Drinking tea Usually Helps to have a Better Brain Structure

One study has linked infusion intake with brain structure

Drinking tea in countries like the United Kingdom is a cultural issue such as having coffee after lunch in Spain. There are also infusions that are highly recommended to help you sleep . To this we must add that a new study has revealed that drinking tea regularly is good because it helps to have a better brain structure.

Drinking tea regularly helps to have a better brain structure

As with coffee, there are versions of tea with caffeine and without caffeine. Also, of this infusion there are different flavors for all tastes. In fact, you can drink both cold and hot.

That said, it is important to note that new research has revealed that drinking tea usually causes people to have a better brain structure. This is because drinking produces greater functional connectivity in the brain, as well as structural.

Aging magazine was in charge of publishing this finding entitled ‘Drinking tea usually modulates brain efficiency: evidence of the evaluation of brain connectivity’.

In order to reach this conclusion, the specialists analyzed the participants’ responses. They answered how often they drank tea and the type of infusion it was. The people were over 60 years old. All of them also gave information about their lifestyle, their psychological health and the state of their general health.

Next, a separation of the participants into two groups was made. On the one hand those who drank tea and on the other those who did not. It should be noted that all of them underwent an MRI, in addition to other tests.

In data from the report collected by Nueva Mujer , »The observations in this study partially support the hypothesis that drinking tea has positive effects on brain organization and results in greater efficiency in functional and structural connectivity due to the greater efficiency of the global network found in the brain structure of tea drinkers, but there is no significant improvement in functional connectivity. According to the hypothesis, tea consumption leads to a lower asymmetry to the left in the structural connectivity between hemispheres ».

Therefore, if tea is not part of your daily routine, now you have a very valid reason to start including it.

Drinking tea Usually Helps to have a Better Brain Structure

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