Do you know why the Ancient Mayans used Spirulina? Here we tell you!


Uses of Spirulina that You Do not Know and that are quite important for health. In addition,  spirulina is a nutritional supplement loaded with proteins of high biological value, is composed of chlorophyll and phycocyanin, two bacteria that cause the blue-green color that characterizes it.

The Mayans used this cyanobacterium frequently, could find it in nearby lakes and use it in different ways. It is currently highly recommended in emergency situations due to its high nutrient content.

Medicinal Properties of Spirulina:

This algae biomass has the presence of minerals such as Chromium , Potassium , Iron , Phosphorus , Zinc , Selenium and Magnesium , in addition to its high content of fatty acids and gamalinolenic acid.

There is a particularity in this last component, because it is also present in breast milk, which makes it suitable for the consumption of children of any age, you just need to be careful with the quantities in which they will be provided.

Why Consume Spirulina Daily:

It is invigorating:

Special for people who experience a lot of fatigue . No matter how old you are, the consumption of spirulina will take effect immediately.

Make Us Lose Weight:

Many people add this cyanobacterium to their diets because of their high content of phenylalanine, a compound that decreases appetite and speeds up the metabolic and digestive system.

You Can Substitute Some Foods:

The UN and NASA recommend the production of spirulina because it can replace foods high in protein, whether from cattle or any other animal.

Regulates Blood Pressure:

Its antioxidants effectively act on the bloodstream, regulating their work completely and improving heart health. It also regulates bad cholesterol, prevents and eradicates Anemia and is a potential ally to fight diabetes.

Is Anticancer:

Due to all its components, spirulina is highly recommended to prevent and control cancer, in fact, its consumption can end in very little time with cancer cells.

Detoxifies the Body:

The spirulina has antibacterial and antitóxicas qualities, making it especially completely detoxify the body, managing to purify it in short periods of time.

Prevents Early Aging:

Both the antioxidants and the vitamins that make up spirulina act quickly in the body, eliminating all the free radicals that cause facial imperfections, wrinkles and blemishes on the body.

Prevents Liver Diseases:

Doctors recommend the use of this algae biomass to prevent and naturally eliminate diseases related to the liver and any other organ.

Improves the Nervous System:

The nervous system needs a number of special nutrients that are present in the algae biomass  so that any condition related to the nervous or cognitive system has the possibility of healing if this supplement is ingested.

How to consume Spirulina?

Children can consume 500 mg of spirulina per 10 kg. Adults do it according to what they want to fight. The ideal is to consume 3 grams per day and if it is to lose weight, between 3 or 5 grams.

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