Discover the Clay that can Save you from Bone Pain

Discover the Clay that can Save you from Bone Pain1

This is an excellent ally for those with arthritis and Bone Pain.

You may have heard of the use of clay for medicinal purposes. Some say it is good for the skin, others say it rejuvenates. There are even those who claim that ancient people ate it to solve digestive problems.

But the most recent is that since 1930 clay has been investigated for osteoporosis treatments. Then came Dolomite, a mixture of calcium and magnesium double carbonate discovered by the French geologist Dolmieu.

In Israel, at the Weismann Institute, researchers studied a dolomitic calculation of a Brazilian region, and found the existence of a property called calcitriol, a kind of hormone.

What is this hormone for?

Calcitriol is a hormone that has the power to fix calcium in the bones and has an effect on more than 30 types of tissues. The tests were performed in chickens and the hormone increased the trabeculae (biological tissues) of the red marrow and bone mass of these animals.

The test resulted in increased calcification, flexibility and malleability, reducing pain and other symptoms of osteoporosis.

Why use Dolomite?

The medicine plan is to create supplements to take by mouth with doses of 3 grams per day. The supplement is designed to benefit people suffering from symptoms such as:

The use of this supplement in its powdered form may have other actions in case of:

  • Gingivitis
  • Cold sores (canker sores)
  • Tooth extractions
  • Oral hygiene
  • Pre-teething in children
  • Genital lesions
  • Wounds
  • Chafing
  • Diaper rash
  • Foot odor
  • Mycosis
  • Post-hair removal inflammation

Other ways to use Dolomite

As you can see, the Dolomite has many uses, but they don’t stop here. Here are some tips on what you can do with this:

  1. Wrap a teaspoon of Dolomite powder in a cup of brine to get an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.
  2. Add a teaspoon of Dolomite in half a glass of warm water and gargle in cases of tonsillitis.
  3. Dilute in a little water and pour 2 or 3 drops into each nostril in cases of rhinitis and sinusitis.
  4. Add half a glass of Dolomite powder to 2 liters of water and you will have a bath for adults or children in case of skin rash and skin problems.
  5. Add 1 part of water to 2 parts of Dolomite. This will make an excellent paste with analgesic, antipyretic, relaxing and healing effect.
  6. This paste can be used intravaginally in cases of candidiasis, leukorrhea, and also in cases of internal hemorrhoids and anal itching.
  7. The aesthetic use of this paste can help fight stretch marks, sagging, cellulite, expression wrinkles, dark circles, skin imperfections and keloids.

The Dolomite really looks amazing, right? However, keep in mind that the advice in this article does not replace a doctor’s consultation. Remember that each organism is unique and can react differently to the aforementioned. Therefore, before using it, visit your doctor to ask if this clay is suitable for you.

Discover the Clay that can Save you from Bone Pain

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