With Barely 10 Years, he Created a Device to Prevent the Death of Babies Alone Inside the Car


    Today’s children are preparing to be the great talents of the future, helping to save lives. Read this story!

    Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for parents to forget babies in the car for hours, which ends up leading to death. To give you an idea, only in the United States, this type of tragedy occurs approximately 37 times a year, according to data from the Kids and Cars organization.

    But thankfully there are people, including children, who feel shocked when they see occurrences of these cases and are motivated to do something about it.

    One of these children is little Bishop Curry, a 10-year-old American. After learning that a baby died in a car near his home, he thought he could find a way to prevent more fatalities from happening.

    It was then that the boy, the son of an engineer, developed a device called Oasis. When installed in the vehicle seat, it is able to detect if it has a child alone inside, releasing fresh air so it can breathe until it is rescued.

    But for Bishop’s device to develop on a larger scale and be available in the market, financing is needed. That’s why he and his father developed a page on GoFoundMe, a platform to raise funds through donations.

    They had set a goal of $ 20,000, and so far they have reached more than $ 50,000, already exceeding their expectations.

    In addition to that, father and son traveled to Michigan to participate in a Car Safety Conference where they presented the prototype.

    Isn’t it really a sensational idea? The best thing is that you can also participate. Click and helps develop the invention! Share with your friends too.


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