Detox Soup Recipe that Eliminates 10 kg in 1 Month!

Detox Soup Recipe that Eliminates 10 kg in 1 Month!

Detox Soup recipe that eliminates 10 kg in 1 month. In addition, this detox soup recipe for weight loss is a great way to lose weight in a healthy way. Often, our body needs to purify itself of toxins and waste, just to function properly as it should.

And that is the main reason why many people are looking for various methods of cleansing the body in order to eliminate toxins, update the body’s organs, cleanse the skin and make them look young.

There are thousands of cleaning methods, but there is one that is very effective and is considered to be the most effective. This detox slimming soup will purify your body with the use of natural juices, made from different vegetables and fruits. With the juices, you provide thousands of vitamins and minerals to your body, so it can operate and remain energized all the time.

You may look young because of the powerful antioxidant compounds contained in the vegetables and fruits in this detox soup for weight loss. In addition, it will be much easier for your body to digest and process the food you eat, and it will eliminate waste very easily. But, in addition to all these benefits, everything must have a disadvantage, like this method.

For people who have not adopted any cleaning method, they can start consuming fruits that are rich sources of sugar, which can also easily trigger obesity, hormonal disruption and hypertension. This is not a good cleansing method if you are dealing with anxiety or hormonal imbalance. But if you are not, you can try this method!

It is also very important to consume organic fruits and vegetables while cleaning and, when you start this method, keep an eye on fiber production, check it regularly. Here is detox soup to lose weight:


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Detox Soup recipe that eliminates 10 kg in 1 Month:


A cup of coconut milk;

2 tablespoons of powdered collagen or pure protein;

2 tablespoons of coconut oil or ghee;

Powdered onion, black pepper and sea salt for a better flavor;

3 chopped garlic cloves;

3 tablespoons of freshly grated ginger;

6 cups of vegetable or bone broth;

2 peeled and chopped onions;

2 chopped carrots.


Take a pan and mix the garlic, ginger, broth and carrots.

Then, you can boil the mixture and cook it.

Then, take a frying pan and sauté the onion and mix with the ghee.

Then you can make a mixture similar to caramel.

Then, in the blender, put the caramel mixture and the broth mixture and mix until the mixture is homogeneous and thick.

Finally, add the spices and coconut milk, stir well before serving.

Detox Soup Recipe that Eliminates 10 kg in 1 Month!

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