Derma Smooth Plus – How to Remove Skin Tags With Natural Treatments?


Derma Smooth Plus:  What are Skin tags, why they appear and what treatments are effective to eliminate them. If you want to know the answers to these questions, you can find them below.

What are Skin tags and why do they arise?

The first thing you have to be clear is that Skin tags are lesions that arise in our skin, both in the face, hands, neck, genitals, feet and even in the area of ​​the anus, and are caused by the human papillomavirus.

These Skin tags can be presented in a variety of shapes as well as sizes and appear when infected with the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), which can be spread very easily by means of scratches or cuts on the skin. Likewise, it must be taken into account that Skin tags are associated with deficiencies of the immune system.

Now, it is important to make clear that not all the organisms infected by HPV react in the same way and therefore not all infected have Skin tags. Thus, if the system is weak, the risk of developing Skin tags is greater.

At this point you should know that Skin tags can be of different types, which are differentiated by their color, size and other aspects. In these types we find the common wart, with the wart of the skin, the water wart (which is caused by the mollusca virus), the flat, the smooth, the filiform (which are elongated and small), the Skin tags genitals (that arise in the genitals, but also in the anus) and the mosaic (conformed by several grouped small Skin tags).

How to Remove Skin tags with Traditional Treatments?

Now that you have a little knowledge about Skin tags it is time to talk about your treatments and removal. Actually, to eliminate Skin tags we can find multiple forms, which adjust and are effective depending on the location of the wart, its severity, type and also its size.

Thus, the most difficult types of Skin tags to treat include mosaic and genitals.

Considering the above, we must first discuss the medical treatments that can be used for their elimination:

Cryotherapy In this treatment, solid carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the tissue that is affected and thus be able to eliminate it in a few days. This is one of the least painful treatments that can be found as well as the most effective.

It is important to make clear that after the wart is removed the area of ​​the skin becomes reddish and with the passage of hours it turns into coffee to give way to a kind of scab that, after a couple of days, falls off on its own.

Medications for topical use. These drugs are usually prepared with different types of acid that what they do is slowly burn the Skin tags. This treatment can also be very effective, but it is long and requires a lot of patient constancy.

Surgery: it is a well-known and effective treatment for the elimination of Skin tags. In this procedure the wart is removed, although it is essential to do it with great care and using other treatments in order to avoid the spread of the virus.

Electrodesiccation: as it is left to us in evidence its name, what this treatment does is to use electrical discharges in order to burn the wart and thus destroy it.

Inject able treatment this option that makes use of inject able antibiotics is presented as a complementary treatment that prevents the virus and therefore the Skin tag continues to expand.

Laser treatment this is one of the most recommended currently because it easily removes the wart and does so very safely. Currently, different types of lasers can be found, being some of the most used Neodymium-YAG or CO2.

Derma Smooth Plus: Natural Remedies to Remove Skin Tags

Known these traditional medical treatments Derma Smooth Plus used for the removal of Skin tags is the time to talk about those treatments or natural remedies that can also be used to combat this problem:

Apple cider vinegar: this ingredient stands out for its antifungal and antiviral properties. For this reason, every night a piece of cotton should be soaked in apple cider vinegar and placed on the wart by holding it with the help of a sparrow. It is necessary to let the remedy work all night, until the wart has been eliminated.

Lemon juice: lemon has many properties to contribute to our health and beauty and in this case in particular its antiviral action as well as antiseptic which helps in the elimination of Skin tags. It is necessary to imbibe a cotton with lemon juice to let act at night, half an hour, on the affected area. Also, it is recommended to apply this juice several times a day.

Sodium bicarbonate: to make use of it and eliminate Skin tags it is convenient to mix it with white vinegar, making a kind of paste that has to be applied in the area that has been affected.

The onion: the juice of it is very effective to eliminate the Skin tags and it is that in him there is a component that fights the virus that produces them. Now, to make this juice you have to split an onion into several pieces and these have to be put in a container with a good amount of salt for a whole night. The next day it will be appreciated that a juice has arisen and this is the one that has to be applied every night, for two weeks in a row, in the area to be treated.

To make use of this natural remedy it has to be used in two ways. The first way is consuming raw garlic to obtain its properties. In addition, it is convenient to crush it and place the garlic filling on the wart covering with a gaza and espadrapo, thus leaving it to act throughout the night.

Dandelion. To combat Skin tags it is recommended to make use of the stem of this plant. It is recommended to use its milky extract on the Skin tags that arise on the face or neck.

Aloe was also very helpful to combat Skin tags, in this case, it is advised to apply only the aloe gel on the affected area several times a day and also at night, before going to sleep.

Tea tree oil is one of the most recommended ingredients to combat both fungi and viruses that attack the skin and nails. In this case, to eliminate the Skin tags, apply some of this powerful oil in the affected area, repeating this action at least 5 times a day.

Castor oil: this ingredient can help in about 4 weeks to completely eliminate the Skin tag. It is necessary to mix it with baking powder; in such a way that a paste is obtained that is easily applied to cover the Skin tag. It must be left to work all night, covering the area with a bandit or espadrapo.

Finally, another recommended natural remedy is vitamin C. This is advised as its acid pH is effective to kill the wart. So, if you want to make use of this remedy you have to prepare the paste using a tablet of crushed vitamin C and a little water. This mixture should be allowed to act only for 20 minutes and should be applied every day, until the wart has been removed.

Now that you have known all these natural treatments it is necessary to know that they can be very effective only if you apply them properly and steadily, until the wart has been eliminated. Ideally, you apply these remedies several times a day or take care to let them act tora the night.

One tip you cannot ignore is that never, even if a wart bothers you, you have to cut it or try to extract it yourself, tearing it or breaking it.

Recommendations to Prevent and Eradicate Skin tags

Before finishing and if you do not want the annoying Skin tags on your skin it is necessary that you know and apply certain recommendations that will help you to prevent their contagion as well as they can also help you in the elimination treatments.

So, keep in mind that if you want to avoid contagion you should not touch the Skin tags that other people have directly. To do this you have to wear medical gloves and remember to wash your hands well after that. If you have a wart you should not touch it, as this way you can spread it or infect others.

It is important not to share clothes or towels with other people, unless they are infected. In addition, it is advised to wear gloves and towels when going to the gym.

On the other hand, if you find yourself treating existing Skin tags, it is recommended that you work on strengthening your immune system through proper nutrition. In addition, it is recommended to eliminate simple sugars as well as processed foods and instead we must try to provide a good amount of antioxidants through fresh vegetables and fruits.

Finally i recommend Derma Smooth Plus for removing skin tags naturally.

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