Cucumber and Lemon is the Secret to Losing the Protruding Belly in 1 Week!

Cucumber and Lemon is the Secret to Losing the Protruding Belly in 1 Week!

Cucumber and Lemon is the Secret to Losing the Protruding Belly in 1 Week!  Also, learn more about Cucumber and Lemon To Lose Your Belly In 1 Week! A new and very interesting trend is cucumber and lemon water to help you lose weight. It is not the liquid and the seasoning in which the cucumbers are placed in the glass, but mineral water mixed with slices of this mixture. This is a tasty alternative to teas or sweet drinks.

The Truth Behind the Cucumber and Lemon Drink:

It is known that anyone who wants to lose weight should drink a lot of water. The stomach is full and the feeling of hunger is reduced. In addition, toxins are carried away by water. In addition, it is important to drink the water of Cucumber and Lemon to lose the cold belly, because the heating inside the digestive system consumes some calories.

However, even mineral water or teas lose their efficiency after a while because they taste boring. However, the selection of low calorie thirst inhibitors is very limited. This is where the water of Cucumber and Lemon To Lose Belly comes into play.

In addition, according to a Harvard study, fruit juices increase the risk of diabetes, due to the large amount of sugars used in these drinks. But, the cucumber and lemon drink is far from that estimate, as it lacks these sugar additives.

Since 100 grams of cucumber contains only 15 calories, water can be considered very low in calories, unlike fruit juices. Therefore, if we take apple juice or other drinks made from fruit, for example, these calories are approximately 4 times higher, because apples contain 52 calories per 100 grams.

Cucumber and Lemon Recipe to Lose Belly:

Cucumber and Lemon water was invented in the United States and is known as “cucumber and lemon infused water”. With saucers or tap water and regular cucumbers and a few slices of lemon, you can quickly create a refreshing thirst-quenching agent that brings a completely different flavor.


1 Lemon cut into slices;

1 sliced ​​cucumber;

Mint leaves (for flavoring).


The slices of cucumber, lemon and mint leaves are simply placed in the water and the drink is left to stand for a few hours, preferably overnight. The taste of cucumber enters the water and therefore has a very interesting and refreshing taste.

Many fans of this drink increase the cooling effect by adding ice cubes. A good proportion is, for example, 2 liters of water for 1 cucumber and 1 lemon. Of course, these amounts can vary individually until the desired flavor intensity is reached.

Additional Tips for Cucumber and Lemon Drink:

And if you value variety, you can change the basic recipe with a little creativity. It is very invigorating, for example, when fresh herbs are added to the water of cucumber and lemon, such as basil, rosemary or thyme. Also mint and strawberries. All of these additives are completely natural and contain other valuable thyme ingredients, for example, lots of vitamin C.

Ginger is also very healthy, but you need to like the intense flavor. The same applies to everything added to water and cucumber and lemon. The ingredients must not be treated, nor should they be washed or peeled. Thus, Cucumber and Lemon To Lose Belly water is a valuable aid to lose weight and is both healthy and invigorating.

Water Conservation Time:

Cucumber water has a shelf life of only two days when stored in the refrigerator. Cooling is especially important in the summer. Therefore, it is advisable to always prepare only the amount of water of Cucumber and Lemon to Lose the Belly that is consumed the next day. That way, the low calorie refreshing drink is available around the clock.

Cucumber and Lemon is the Secret to Losing the Protruding Belly in 1 Week!

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