Comfrey – What it is, Benefits and How to Use


Get to know Consolda , a plant with medicinal properties, and learn how to enjoy its benefits. In addition, Consolda is a beautiful herbaceous plant belonging to the Borraginaceae family, which can grow to a height of 1 meter and an equivalent diameter very quickly. Common in Europe, except in the Mediterranean region, it appears in our country in some gardens and gardens, where it is grown to take advantage of its many characteristics: in combination with other vegetables, improves production and quality, by improving the availability of phosphorus and potassium, and can provide shade, which is great for example in strawberries. See all about this plant :

What is Comfrey:

The Comfrey is a medicinal plant, also known as comfrey, or consolidates Comfrey -more, widely used in the treatment of skin problems.


Its scientific name is Symphytum Officinale and can be purchased at health food stores or handling pharmacies .

Comfrey Properties:

The properties of this plant include its astringent, anti-anemic, anti-asthmatic, anti-diabetic, anti-diarrheal, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, soothing, healing, depurative, detoxifying, emollient, expectorant, moisturizing, laxative and tonic.

What it is for:

This plant is used to help treat abscesses, goiter, bronchitis, bruises, fever, sores, liver problems, gastritis , bruising, jaundice, burns, cold, rheumatism, cough and skin problems such as acne or psoriasis.

Mode of Use:

Used parts of this plant include its rhizome, root and leaves in the form of tea, ointment, compress or oil.

Acne Compress: Place 50 g of Comfrey in 500 ml of cold water, boil for 10 minutes and strain. Soak a thin cloth in this tea and apply to the region that you want to be treated.

Side effects:

No side effects of this plant were found.


This plant is contraindicated for pregnant women.

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