Is Collagen that cannot be Ingested the Source of Youth?

Is Collagen that cannot be Ingested the Source of Youth.

Collagen: This substance could be an alternative to delay the passing of the years

Over the years, it is normal that wrinkles appear on the skin, spots, that the dermis becomes more flaccid or that some fine lines come out. To delay aging, there are various cosmetics and beauty treatments that people undergo. Have you ever wondered if collagen that cannot be ingested could be the source of youth?

Can the collagen that cannot be ingested be seen as the fountain of youth?

Collagen that cannot be ingested has gained popularity in recent times as a supplement to delay the passing of the years. Whether in the form of a pill or powder, many people include it in their routine.

Although there is no conclusive data on this product, many practitioners agree that there are no problems in taking it, as long as it is not done in a disproportionate way,

It should be borne in mind that collagen is a protein that helps the proper functioning of tissues, the preservation of nails, skin and hair, bones, tendons, cartilage and muscles.

The body itself manufactures new collagen. However, once they turn 30, their production begins to decrease. That is why wrinkles and other signs of the passing of the years appear on the skin.

It should also be taken into account that factors such as cigarettes , pollution, a diet full of sugars, stress, or others, can cause the collagen deficit to be even more evident.

How this collagen works

By consuming collagen that cannot be ingested, the body obtains amino acids that help take care of the already persistent collagen in the body due to its antioxidant function. These block the effect of the enzymes that break down the collagen and, in the end, work to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and thus delay aging.

On the other hand, this type of collagen generates more collagen by feeding your body’s peptides. These are none other than the short chains of amino acids that cells use as barriers to create collagen.

As mentioned earlier, there is still not much research on this type of collagen that is ingestible. But according to , it can be consumed, at least for 3 months. This substance will help to hydrate the skin since it is more elastic, you have fewer wrinkles, increase lean muscle mass and reduce joint pain.

Final tip:

Before taking any type of collagen and / or supplement, consult your doctor. Keep in mind that each organism is different and can react in a different way to that mentioned.

Collagen Ingested the Source of Youth

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