Children’s Body Development


Some research has indicated that lifestyle and diet modify the development of the body

Is there any endocrine disorder in children today?

Early maturation of children occurs due to diet and lifestyle. Several girls are feeling breast growth at age 8. There is a suspicion that children produce 40% less semen compared to their grandparents.

Early growth would be caused by the following factors:

Chemical products (preservatives and insecticides):

Several chemicals can cause hormonal changes. One solution is to consume organic products.

Plastic boats:

Decant for jars and glass jars to store food.

Cleaning products:

It is necessary to use as little as possible and, especially, avoid mixing different products.

If possible, change chemical-laden cleaning products with homemade and natural recipes.


Ideally, you should use natural-based products and prevent children from wearing makeup, including nail polish.


Avoid synthetic fabric of poor quality. Always wash new clothing before using it because it can bring waste from the manufacturing process.


Avoid giving children toys that have poor quality plastic. Ideally, you should avoid putting children in contact with this material.

Be aware! Not only with food, but with the materials around you.


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