Causes of Sagging Breasts and What to do to Reaffirm Them

Causes of Sagging Breasts and What to do to Reaffirm Them1
Some daily habits may be responsible for sagging breasts. Learn how to improve posture and avoid this problem

Every woman who doesn’t take care of herself, after a certain age, has sagging breasts. It is normal for overweight, for example, to help this happen sooner. However, you can take care of yourself from youth and avoid the problem.

If you are already in menopause and have sagging breasts, you should know that you can still reverse the situation without surgical help.

Causes of sagging and sagging breasts

Look, then, what you may be doing wrong and what are the main causes of the breasts falling. You can correct the problem by changing your habits without having to undergo surgery or breast augmentation.

1. Overweight

One of the main causes of sagging breasts is overweight. When you gain weight, a large amount of fat accumulates in the breast tissue. And as you know, fat weighs. Gravity does not help and the more extra weight you have, the more likely your breasts are sagging and flaccid.

2. Lack of exercises

In addition to getting fat, not exercising also causes the breasts to fall out. Keep in mind that the fact that you are thin does not imply that you cannot suffer from this problem. There are many exercises you can do every day to strengthen the region of the chest and the musculature of the breasts.

3. Genetics

If your grandmother and mother have sagging breasts, you are more likely to have them too. Unfortunately, genetics is not very favorable in this regard. Therefore, the sooner you start taking care of yourself, the less chance you have of the problem developing.

4. Tobacco

Smokers are exposed to a number of health problems. Fallen breasts are the consequence, for example, of accelerated cell death in the skin by the substances present in tobacco.

Smoking also increases the risks of breast cancer. Therefore, if you value your breasts, stop smoking right now.

5. Use of the bra

Amazing, but the bra does not hold the breasts and contributes even more to the fall and sagging. Many investigations show that the use should be very moderate and only according to the needs of each woman and the shape of each breast.

In fact, the accessory can be extremely harmful to health. This is because many women opt for tight and uncomfortable models that compress breast tissue for long hours.

How to lift sagging breasts?

Depending on the case, it is possible to reverse the image with small changes such as quitting smoking and starting to practice exercises. However, when the breasts fall overweight, a more aggressive medical intervention may be necessary.

Talk to your gynecologist and see what options are best for you!

1. Practice localized exercises

You can do a series of exercises for at least 15 minutes a day to strengthen your chest and harden your breasts. These are techniques like the board, whose goal is to stay at least 30 seconds compressing almost all the muscles of the body.

Walking with a weight of one kilo in each hand for 30 minutes also helps improve the appearance of your breasts. By the way, this still makes you lose weight and tone your arms.

2. Wear less bra

As you saw above, the bra is a villain. But many girls with big breasts cannot give up the garment. Therefore, opt for the most comfortable models, without metal rings and that do not damage your posture.

When you go shopping, always try it. A good idea is to change the bra for sports tops, which have a more breathable fabric, which adapt to breast tissue.

3. Do not use drugs

Quitting smoking, reducing alcohol consumption and not using drugs also have an impact on breast health in a short time. Those who quit smoking notice an improvement in a little less than a month.

Remember that alcohol can be as harmful as tobacco, so avoid it at all costs.

4. Avoid excess sun

Sunbathing also contributes to sagging breasts. Choose times less dangerous times to maintain the tan, such as between 7 am and 10 am and from 4 pm onwards. During these periods, the incidence of ultraviolet rays is lower and you can get more vitamins to absorb calcium.

How to prevent sagging and sagging breasts

To be healthy! Eating well, avoiding overeating, exercising and not suffering from stress will hardly have negative effects on sagging or sagging breasts. You need to find a balance to be happy and live healthy.

Opting for more appropriate bras and even walking without them can be another good way! Buy comfortable clothes that allow your skin to breathe.

And that story of getting pregnant makes your breasts fall out is a lie! The woman who takes care of her body during pregnancy and breastfeeds her children during the first two years of life is even more beautiful. Breastfeeding is a great way to strengthen your breasts!

Causes of Sagging Breasts and What to do to Reaffirm Them

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