What is the Cause of Lethal Vaping Disease


A study shows the consequences of smoking this tobacco

The electronic cigarette revolutionized the tobacco industry and smokers when it appeared. In the beginning, these were advertised as a much healthier alternative to conventional cigars. On the one hand they don’t smell so much and seem to contain less nicotine. However, it has been discovered that the cause of lethal vaping disease exists.

An investigation reports the cause of lethal vaping disease

A study published by the Mayo Clinic has shown that vaping causes chemicals to enter the smoker’s body, instead of lipids in the lungs. This is the cause of lethal vaping disease.

For the investigation, 17 smokers were analyzed, and although it was expected to find lipids, that is, the fatty substance, what was found were the chemicals. It should be noted that all patients underwent a biopsy and all smoked electronic tobacco.

“Although we cannot discount the potential role of lipids, we have not seen anything that suggests (the damage) is a problem caused by the accumulation of lipid in the lungs,” said Brandon Larsen, the pathologist surgeon at the Mayo Arizona Clinic and National expert in lung pathology. It should be noted that the statements were collected by El Tiempo.

For Larsen, instead of lipids, what was seen was “some kind of direct chemical injury, similar to what we can see with exposure to toxic chemical fumes, poisonous gases or toxic agents.”

A possible social alarm

The data from this study demonstrating the possible cause of lethal vaping disease can be a crisis in the United States. With regard to smokers, 71% said they used cannabis oils. Regardless of that, all patients had a severe lung injury, even pneumonitis. It should be noted that two of the participants died.

It must be taken into account that it is not the first time that the possible negative consequences of vaping are reported. In recent months, 800 episodes of lung injury from this type of tobacco have been counted in the United States.

Moreover, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 12 people have lost their lives in 10 states of the nation.

The danger of the electronic cigarette is such that there have already been cases in which the smoker has exploded in the face .

Whatever tobacco you smoke, it is best that you give up this habit that is so harmful to your health and to those around you.


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