CapsiFit Reviews: What it is, Benefits, Composition and How to Take!


The CapsiFit supplement will be the subject of this article. We will gather the key information about this thermogenic in one place to help you better understand this popular supplement.

Find out if this supplement slims, the benefits it brings to health, how to take it, the price, the side effects, and other information.

What is?

CapsiFit is a thermogenic supplement of synephrine and caffeine that serves to block the body’s absorption of fat. Because of this feature, CapsiFit is a thermogenic supplement that is good for those who want to lose weight or set the body by burning those extra fats that accumulate throughout the body, especially in the abdomen.

Each pot of this supplement contains 150 capsules, being 120 capsules Pure Blocker (colorless) of 600mg each and 30 caps of Dynamic Focus (bordo) of 560 mg each. Each Dynamic Focus capsule contains 210mg of caffeine.


  • Increases fat burning
  • Increases metabolism
  • Increases adrenaline release
  • Blocks the absorption of fats and cholesterol
  • Gives the feeling of satiety
  • Lose weight
  • CapsiFit hard core
  • CapsiFit Hard


Pure Blocker Capsule (Colorless)

This capsule contains orange fiber, aminopolysaccharide, Plantago ovata , magnesium oxide, starch, vitamin C , nicotinamide, calcium pantothenate, chlorella, cyanocobalamin, chromium picolinate, biotin , maltodextrin , gelatin.

Allergic Warning : Contains fish and crustacean derivatives (crab). Gluten-free.

Dynamic Focus (berry) Caffeine Capsule

The Dynamic Focus capsule contains anhydrous caffeine , modified starch and gelatin.


How much?

There are a few different versions of the product available in the market and depending on the brand you purchase, it can tell different ingredients or it may be being sold along with Regal Keto . Thus, CapsiFit prices can vary widely from store to store, but on average you will pay between 50 and 70 reais each pot.

Side effects

CapsiFit has caffeine and most of the side effects reported are related to this substance. If caffeine has any adverse effects on you, do not use this supplement. (For the side effects of caffeine overuse, read the BBC News )

Really works?

There are no adequate scientific studies on CapsiFit to answer this question with a simple and direct answer. However, this supplement contains caffeine and is great for anyone looking to burn fats, gain more energy and stay connected. Because of it, it is almost guaranteed that most people will have positive results if they use the CapsiFit.

Most CapsiFit users report that this supplement worked for them. However, we recommend not overdoing expectations. It may work for you, but do not expect it to go to work miracles.

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