Boil a Banana, Drink the Water Before You Sleep and See It Happens to You!


Boil a Banana, Drink the Water Before You Sleep and See This Happens to You . In addition, in today’s world, natural medicine is being increasingly used and sought by people and exploited by scientists, researchers and physicians.

All this proves the therapeutic capacity of juices and teas, especially when they combine two very powerful elements.

For example, banana and cinnamon tea can be of great contribution to the maintenance of your health.

This happens because:

This is because these elements are differentiated. Banana is a great source of energy, rich in potassium, strengthens all muscle groups and also helps avoid unpleasant cramp.

In addition, two important nutrients are found in the banana: phosphorus and magnesium. The first one consists of bones and teeth and participates in the digestion of carbohydrates, while the other is great to result in muscle relaxation.

Cinnamon helps control the rate of sugar and cholesterol in the bloodstream, which reduces the danger of heart problems.

According to research from the University of Texas, cinnamon is a promise for various neurodegenerative diseases.

The study revealed that this ingredient decreases chronic inflammation linked to neurological disorders.

In women, cinnamon also aids in fighting infertility, as it increases the hormone progesterone and decreases the production of testosterone in women, helping to balance the hormones. Here’s how to make banana and cinnamon tea recipe .

Banana and Cinnamon Tea:


2 Bananas;

2 pieces of cinnamon ;

1 Liter of Water;

Method of preparation:

You should put the water to a boil, along with the cinnamon, in a pan;

After reaching the boiling point, you should add the banana and cover the pan;

Remember that if it is an organic banana you do not have to remove the bark;

Wait for some time to cool;

Beat everything in blender, strain and then take;

Specialists advise you to drink one hour before going to bed to maximize all the benefits, such as improving digestion, quality of sleep and fighting anemia.

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