Board Watermelon with Cinnamon and Lose Weight without almost Noticing


To eliminate those extra kilos, abuse this detoxifying recipe and you will see the results

Juices are great allies in good shape. They are light, refreshing and can contain in a single glass a large concentration of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. They are very tasty and are still important sources of hydration for the body, helping a lot in detoxification. Especially if they are made with watermelon, a fruit composed of almost 90% water, the main ingredient of detoxifying watermelon juice that you will know now.

In addition to all these health benefits, if you choose the ingredients that you mix in the juices, you will still have a great help in losing weight, that is, the sleep of 10 out of 10 women. Do you have problems to eliminate those difficult kilos? Here is how to get rid of them with this recipe for detoxifying watermelon juice.

Learn this amazing recipe for watermelon juice detoxification to lose weight

Considered one of the largest fruits in the vegetable kingdom, an average watermelon can easily reach 5 kg. Sweet, refreshing and with plenty of water, watermelon is the ideal fruit to make juices. These are some of its properties that will help you lose weight:

Very diuretic, it has a cleansing action on the kidneys, preventing fluid retention, cellulite and body swelling.

Low in calories: Watermelon will add very few calories to the recipe.

Rich in B vitamins, which has a positive effect on the prevention of stress and anxiety that end any diet.

It contains lycopene and glutathione, substances that protect against cancer and cell oxidation.

Improves digestive function by promoting cleansing of the stomach and intestines, eliminating toxins and unwanted compounds.

To complement the recipe, lemon water, cinnamon and coconut are also used, ingredients that will help detoxify the body, strengthen the defense system and increase metabolism, helping to eliminate body fat.

Watermelon Detox Juice


Watermelon chopped: 1 large slice;

Natural coconut water:  250 ml .;

Lemon juice:  1/2 unit;

Cinnamon:  1 teaspoon.

Preparation Mode:

  1. Add all ingredients and beat in a blender or processor.
  2. Drink right away.

Important: Remember that if you do not take the detoxifying juice immediately, some vitamins and nutrients will be lost. Another important tip is not to strain the juice, otherwise you will lose the fiber content, important for bowel function and appetite regulation.

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