Blowing your Mucus is just as Important as Brushing your Teeth


These two actions are more linked than it may seem.

Blow your mucus is an act we do for education when the nose is full of mucus. This gesture, in addition to avoiding hanging mucus, should be kept in mind that it is as important as brushing your teeth. Find out why.

Blowing your mucus is as important as brushing your teeth

When people breathe, they usually do it through their nose. Given this, you should keep in mind that the upper part of the mouth is the area below the nostrils. That said, by breathing through the nose, the tongue causes the jaw to increase as the lips are closed.

On the contrary, people who breathe through the mouth, leave the tongue at the bottom of the mouth, preventing the upper jaw from being stimulated. In addition to this, breathing through the nose is also good for the throat as well as for the gums and tonsils. Otherwise, when you breathe through your mouth you are increasing the chances of caries because there is a reduction in saliva in the upper palettes. Even the upper part of the lip can be affected by not having contact with the lower part of the lip. As a result you can the person may suffer hypotonic.

So that the person can breathe properly, in addition to blowing the mucus, as a preventive measure you can resort to nasal washes. In this way, people will breathe through the nose instead of through the mouth, avoiding these problems.

Explained the inconveniences and the way you breathe, it is easier to understand the importance and the close relationship between people brushing their teeth and blowing mucus.

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