Big Butt in Time Remember! 7 Simple Exercises To Boost Your Butt!


Simple Butt Lift Exercises  that can be done in the comfort of your home. Also, to increase the butt, you need to do muscle strengthening exercises to build your glutes, the three muscles that make up your back. How quickly you will see the results depends on your body type, your training frequency, and your training intensity.

While there are many exercises to increase the butt  that can be done with the equipment in the gym, some of the best ways to tone the butt still undergo more simple exercises that can be done only with body weight or with the aid of dumbbells and optionally shin guards.

So if you do not go to the gym, your apologies are over, do the following for 3 days a week (always with a gap of at least 48 hours between sessions), take care of the food and watch the results show up in no time. Check Out Now, 7 Simple Exercises To Boost Your Butt:

1. Squatting:

The squat is the king of all exercises to enlarge the butt . It works with all butt muscles and is easily modified and becomes more challenging to suit your level of fitness. The technique is super important to avoid injury. If you’ve never squatted, learn the basic technique before adding weight to increase your butt .


Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Inhale as you bend your hips and knees, lowering your butt to the floor. Transfer the weight to your heels and keep your torso erect and your chest open. Go down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. As you exhale, press your heels to get up again.

When you’re ready to add weight , hold dumbbells in both hands at shoulder height or use a squat bar to  raise your butt .

2. Kickbacks:

This is one of the best butt  exercises you can do at home without the need of any equipment. Just enough clothes and lots of energy! Here’s how:

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart;

Grasp how you would sit on a chair, then get up, stretching your left leg back and bringing your arms straight in front of your body. Keep your buttocks and abdomen tight. Remain in this position for 5 seconds;

Return again to the squat position and this time repeat the exercise on the other side;

Continue to alternate sides for 60 seconds. Remember to support your body weight on the heels when you are down;

Rest for 40 seconds and repeat the exercise for two more times.

3. Ball Squatting:

This exercises to increase the butt  is quite easy to do at home, start by placing a gym ball between your back and the wall.

Simply do the squat while keeping the ball in place.

The ball may be those of medium-sized Pilates.

For good results you should do 4 sets of 15 repetitions.

4. Mat to the contrary:

Even the treadmill can be potentiated to increase the butt , harder and steeper, for it is enough that you walk in it in reverse.

But, attention at the beginning is essential to be careful because it can be somewhat difficult to coordinate your balance making this movement unnatural.

5. Hip Hip Extension:

Quadruple hip extensions ranked first in a study by the American Council of Exercises , which looked at the effectiveness of certain exercises to increase the butt over the traditional squatting.


From four, extend your right leg back with your knee bent at 90 degrees and the sole of your foot pointing up at the ceiling. Lift the leg until the thigh is parallel to the floor. Pause, then lower your leg. Make a set on one side and then swap.

6. Include Bridge Lifts:

Lie on the floor facing up to raise your butt . Bend your knees so that your feet are on the floor and separated by shoulder width apart. Lift your hips as you squeeze your butt to form a straight line from the shoulders to the knees.

Hold this position for 3 seconds and then lower your body to the starting position. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions twice a week, making a short pause between each round.

Bridge exercises help you achieve a rounded ass, and can also help prevent injuries by strengthening and lengthening the muscles in your butt and lower back.

To make this exercise more difficult, lift one foot off the floor and extend the leg so that it is above the hips. Then lift using only one leg.

7. Climbing on the Chair with Only 1 Leg:

Climb on a chair or bench, with only one leg at a time, as the picture shows, being careful to have a firm and solid support when climbing. Plastic chairs are not recommended as they are unstable and can break.

The higher the chair, the greater the effort, so you can start with a lower seat. To facilitate you can put your hands on the waist and should remember to keep your back straight and always look forward to keep the spine aligned.

Another way to increase the degree of difficulty is to hold onto weights with your hands.

What to Eat to Boost Your Buttocks:

The best way to complement the exercises is to bet on a protein-rich diet, as it promotes hypertrophy of the glutes. So after training to  increase the butt you should eat yogurt , take supplement or invest in a meal with at least 100 g of lean meat like grilled chicken breast, eggs or cooked fish.

Eating foods rich in sugar and fat is not a good idea because it will lead to the formation of fat and cellulite , in addition to disrupting the process of hypertrophy.

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