Beyonce’s Father is Fighting Breast Cancer


This type of tumors is not very common for men to suffer

When talking about breast cancer , everyone directly associates it with women. This link is logical because this tumor, unfortunately, is one of the most feared. However, men can suffer it too. Learn the story of Beyonce’s father who is fighting breast cancer.

Beyonce’s father is fighting breast cancer, a rare ailment in men

The music producer and father of the artist Beyonce Mathew Knowles has faced his 67 years at one of the worst moments of his life. As he said days ago in the show ‘ Good Morning America ‘ he is now “very well” but when he was diagnosed with the disease “I never thought men could suffer from breast cancer.”

It all started at the beginning of years when he noticed some blood stains on the sheets and on his shirts. Given that, he had a mammogram and, after the results, the doctor diagnosed the tumor. In July he underwent an operation and now Beyonce’s father is fighting breast cancer. He stressed in the interview that prevention is very important. He also stressed that among men there is no talk of shame, which should stop being a taboo.

«I need men to share their stories if they have had breast cancer. I need them to tell others if they have the disease so that we can have the right figures and better research. Men want to keep this hidden because we feel ashamed, and there is no reason for that.

Breast cancer in men

As mentioned earlier, breast cancer in men is not very common. Patients who suffer from it are usually over 60 years old. As in any other tumor, diagnosing it as soon as possible will help in the healing of the patient.

In general, the symptoms of breast cancer in men are:

  • Nipple tucked in
  • Breast lump
  • Liquid coming out of the nipple

To this day it is not known what causes this tumor. However, it is known that family history can influence. Ailments such as cirrhosis, Klinefelter syndrome and having gone through radiotherapy processes in the chest area.

Final tip:

At the slightest symptom, go immediately to the doctor. Also, check regularly, eat a balanced diet, play sports and avoid harmful habits such as alcohol.

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