Anis To Treat Colds!


Anis To Treat Colds in a Healthy Way  . In addition,  Anis For Treating Colds  is a great home remedy for treating this condition. The Colds  are caused by viruses, allergies or bacteria , and can be contracted when we are close to a person with colds , so we must take extreme precautions. Colds are a fairly common evil. Some even suffer from them several times a year.

However, the fact of being common does not exempt them from being an uncomfortable illness that affects our day to day. A cold is a disease of the respiratory tract, specifically the throat and nose.

Although not serious, it produces a general malaise, with abundant mucus and sore throat . This is what makes us seek solutions to Treat Colds . While the cold will continue with its normal course, this remedy with anise will control the irritating symptoms.

Causes of Colds:

Colds are considered common, it is so easy to infect that you just have low defenses and be in touch with someone who is sick to experience the problem.

The cold spreads quickly in enclosed spaces, such as classrooms or offices, and can be presented at any time of the year. However, they are more common in rainy seasons or in winter.

The colds are caused by viruses, allergies or bacteria , and can be contracted when we are close to a person with cold or touching our face with contaminated hands.

How to Take Care of a Cold?

When we have a cold, it is important to take into account some care that will help us to improve faster and prevent us from infecting another person. Some are part of basic hygiene and others help our body regain strength and combat this disease:

Wash Your Hands Well:

Because you will be touching your nose and mouth frequently, the virus will be latent in your hands. To avoid infecting other people, it is recommended to wash your hands more often than usual. In particular, you should do this before touching your children or any sick person with low defenses.

Use Disposable Handkerchiefs:

This is important because if we reuse them, we will be absorbing this virus again, which will complicate its improvement. In case you want to use reusable wipes, try to wash them well and change them every few hours. This can be annoying, but it is the only way to ensure that the cold  does not spread.

Take a Balanced Diet:

As we said at the outset, colds have several causes. However, if your body is well balanced and ready to fight them, the likelihood of infection is reduced.

To ensure you minimize your infections, try to eat healthy and varied. The main foods are those rich in vitamin C . If your diet is not varied or you have a constant cold  , add a nutritional supplement to your routine.

Among all the home remedies that exist to combat colds , this is one of the most effective. Anis fights the most irritating symptoms of colds : chills, mucus and sore throat .

If you usually cook, you will know that anise is a very common and aromatic seasoning. What you may not know is that it has anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties. This alone makes it ideal for Treating Colds as it helps the expulsion of phlegm.

How to Prepare Anis to Treat Colds:

This preparation is very simple and economical to treat the cold , as it is enough to make an infusion of anise . When serving, you can sweeten it with some organic honey or stevia .

We recommend drinking this infusion two to three times a day, before each meal. This will be enough to improve your health from day one. Check out the Anis Recipe to  Treat Colds:


4 cups water (1 liter);

1 tablespoon of aniseed (15 g);

honey  (to taste).


Boil water and, when boiling, add anise .

Let it infuse for 5 minutes and coe.

Serve a cup of tea and sweeten it with a little honey .

Drink the hot tea.

Help your body treat colds . Although colds disappear on their own, it is important to always have basic care for their prevention. Once you get sick, you can speed up your disappearance with simple remedies.

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