An 83-year-old Woman Enrolls in School to Read and Interpret the Bible!

An 83-year-old Woman Enrolls in School to Read and Interpret the Bible

An 83-year-old Woman decided that she wanted to learn to read and write to get herself to understand the texts of the Holy Bible and the messages she brings.

It all started when her little granddaughter entered the first year at school. Sweet grandmother Anastasia began sending a personal notebook in her granddaughter’s purse so that the teacher in charge would send her some exercises daily for her to solve.

Knowing the willpower of the old woman, her granddaughter’s teacher was responsible for formal enrollment in the school and her accompaniment in the subjects, thus ensuring that Anastasia received her training diploma at the end of her studies.

Anastasia Guzmán lives in Sierra Aguazul, a town of Santa Cruz de Yojoa, located in Honduras. She knows that she has to attend classes at the local school regularly, and the stories ensure that she sits in the front row of the classroom with her classmates (with decades of age difference) who adore her. She is attentive to everything that comes out of the teacher’s mouth, so that she does not lack anything in her learning.

The old woman says that she is very happy to attend school and very grateful for the opportunity she is being given at this stage of her life. Although he knows that he will not have many more years left in this world, he wants to learn to read the Holy Bible so that when he meets God in the next life, he has no doubts or questions to ask. She wants to die knowing what she leaves in this world and what awaits her in the hereafter.

Every day, Anastasia has to go to school 5 blocks from her house. This takes advantage of each walk; When I was a child I didn’t have that opportunity because her family was extremely poor. The same happens at school; Those who look there will think that they have returned to childhood and, like young ordinary students, have a subject that they do not like so much, that they are Social Studies. Anastasia says there is too much data for your head.

It remains to know the evaluation of the teacher. She says that Anastasia is an attentive student who can achieve all the goals she sets. However, due to their age, it may take longer than the other children in the class. Tiredness, lack of vision and hearing are other problems that hinder the speed of learning in the elderly.

Astrid Fernanda Márquez feels a proud granddaughter. As for Anastasia, she wants to continue studying and, if God gives her health, she will continue to get other degrees.

An 83-year-old Woman Enrolls in School to Read and Interpret the Bible!

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