A Man Cuts his Co-worker’s Penis with a Machete

A man cut his co worker penis

Seeing him naked with his partner, he beat him and then amputated his virile member for revenge

Jealous people often act impulsively. These feelings can lead them to do very cruel things with serious consequences, which can harm others. An example is that of the young man who cuts his penis with a machete to a co-worker when he sees him naked with his girl.

He cuts a co-worker’s penis with a machete

In Palma Sola, Jujuy, Argentina, a fact has shocked society. A boy of only 18 years cuts the penis with a machete to a coworker whom he met with his 16 year old girl.

As regards the victim, it is known that he is a 32-year-old male named Darío Rueda. He is admitted to the Pablo Soria Hospital in San Salvador, Jujuy. At the moment, his status “is reserved.” What is known is that it has a skull fracture, in addition to significant wounds on the part of the genitals.

The events took place around 5 in the morning of the past. According to local sources, Daniel Quiroga was surprised to see that his girlfriend was not with him in the room late at night. Next, he noticed a noise in the next room and went straight to this. It should be noted that the events occurred in the offices of the company since employees have rooms in the company where they work since their boss lets them sleep there so that, in return, they take care of the factory.

Daniel did not think twice and entered his partner’s room without warning. There he found his partner and Darius naked.

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He hit his partner when he saw infidelity

Anger, helplessness and pain for infidelity caused him to act in an irrational way and grab an iron with which he hit his partner. The impact caused Darío to be semi unconscious. This state did not cause Daniel to cease his revenge attempt. So much so that he cuts his penis with a machete.

After the incident, the assailant left the victim locked in the room and went to his mother’s house with his girlfriend.

Once the events were reported to the authorities, a case for serious injuries against Darío has been opened. It should be noted that as the attacked member evolves, it will be determined if they stop the attacker.

On the other hand, prosecutor Silvia del Valle Farall is assessing to charge Darío for having had intimate relationships with a minor.

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