9 Uses You Did Not Know From The Famous Vick VapoRub


9 Uses You Did Not Know From The Famous Vick VapoRub . In addition, Vick VapoRub is a product known worldwide to relieve cough and nasal congestion, thanks to its main ingredients (camphor, menthol and eucalyptus). However, there are other excellent uses that may interest you.

We all know what Vicks VapoRub is. But for those who have never heard it, it is a topical topical cream that can be used for the chest, back and throat , if you have cough inhibition , or for minor pains in your muscles and joints or for pains that are present for a long time period of time. This is the most used cream and can be used in several different ways.

Know The Uses of Vick VapoRub:

Treats Eczema:

If you suffer from this condition, apply Vicks on the affected area and stop the inflammation and itching you have and feel.

Reduces Muscle Pain:

Take Vicks VapoRub and massage your muscles and cover them with a warm towel. Try to relax until the pain subsides. If you want to get better results, repeat the procedure three times a day.


Moisturizes the skin:

If you have dry skin, a little Vick VapoRub can do miracles. Simply put it on your skin and the results will be unavoidable.

Help in the Treatment of Acne:

Place the cream on the affected areas on your skin. It will dry out acne and other skin problems and free it from skin ignition.

Combat Cough:

This is the reason for Vicks’ popularity. You can treat the obstruction of the chest and cough from the cold with it.

Eliminates Stretch Marks:

Put the cream on your stretch marks every day, and after 2 weeks you will have stunning results. You will lower your appearance.

Fight Sinus Headaches:

If you want to get rid of the sinus headache, simply place the cream under the nose. Inhale deeply, and release the headache, because of the menthol in the cream that can relax and calm the headache .

Serves As Insect Repellent:

Leave the bottle of  Vick VapoRub open and you will see how the mosquitoes and the flies move away. It is ideal when you forget the repellent or leave it at home.

Help Heal Your Heels:

Before you lie down, pass Vick VapoRub on your heels and then wear socks (choose the old ones because they will be impregnated with the smell of menthol).

In the morning, wash them with cold water and, if you can, pass stone pome to exfoliate them or a product that you use. Do this every night you find necessary and you will soon see the results.

General Recommendations Before Application:

Like any product applied on the skin, you should try it before, to avoid possible allergies.

Just put a little on the back of your hand and watch for a while. If you notice burning, redness, or other symptoms, do not apply.

It is contraindicated in children under two years of age, as it can adversely affect the airways. If in doubt, consult your doctor before using it.

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