8 Tricks that Help you Overcome Daily Situations in your Body!


The body hides several mysteries that you would like to know! In this article several tricks are shared, one of them is for when you want to stop crying, for example. Meet some more!

The work of the body is fantastic. This is in continuous use to ensure proper operation. However, keep in mind that there are tricks that will fool you, some are interesting and others even seem magical. Look at the tips that are exposed.

Defrost the brain

This phenomenon is very common in summer when you long to drink a very fresh juice or try an ice cream. In truth, hurry and thirst will give you the idea that your brain seems to be frozen. In fact, this tries to avoid the annoying reaction to the sudden temperature change. The vessels in the upper part of the mouth swell to cause a sensation of heat and the brain reacts as if it had become stuck in the freezer. However, you can try to avoid all this. Put your tongue towards the top of the mouth and the vessels will calm down, relieving the headache.

Get rid of your fear of needles

In fact, in addition to children, adults can panic with needles. If you are one of those, you should not feel ashamed! When you need this trick, use it at ease. The moment the needle enters, cough a little. You will discover that you do not feel so much pain. The reason why this works is unknown, but apparently the organism is distracted.

Very important! To avoid frightening the professional who is going to apply the syringe and can hurt you, warn him that you are going to cough.

Turn your head

Everyone knows that stinging sensation that arises when you have a numb limb from spending too much time in the same position. First, you can concentrate on those muscles and swing or bounce, using only one leg until you no longer feel the bites. Second, you can turn your head calmly from side to side. Numbness at the ends occurs when some nerves are pressed and blood flow stops. Releasing these nerves, the sting disappears. However, these tricks do not apply to the feet. In your case, you have to do that strange dance so that the numbness disappears.

Stop crying

Crying is natural and there are times when you have no alternative, since life can be quite complicated, sometimes. If you are in a place where you cannot release these emotions by crying, use this trick to stop the tears. Look in the space where you are, you can find different objects, stopping them. Think of the colors and say them in bass several times. This will calm you down and make you entertain yourself with this game. You will see that the crying ceases.

A pull of ears

Instead of massaging your temples, when you have headaches, give yourself a jerk of ears. Acting at the temples allows you to reduce the tension around the eyebrows, but using the ears relaxes the entire body. Conveniently grasp the ear with the index finger and gently pull up and down. In this way, fluids in the brain will be stimulated and nourished.

Close one eye

Did you know that when you wake up at night to go to the bathroom, you must keep an eye closed? This prevents the body from thinking that it is in the morning, since the light will not affect both eyes. With this trick, it will be easier to fall asleep again. With one eye closed, the brain will adapt better to the dark environment.

Take pills

If you have difficulty swallowing certain tablets, use this trick. Actually, there are medications that are not easy to take. In these cases, do the following: place the pill in your mouth and, before taking it, throw your head forward. In the forward movement, you will swallow it spontaneously.

Hold the hiccups

The hiccups can always be many. These are cramps that occur in the diaphragm that cause air to get trapped in the vocal cords. This can be caused by the fluctuation of the stomach temperature, by suddenly swallowing air and / or eating too fast.

There are many tricks to treat hiccups, but none seems to work at all. However, you can still try this. Keep your mouth open and simulate many times that you are swallowing something. Soon the diaphragm will calm down, as will the hiccups.

As you can see, these tricks that hide the body are very good. The next time you find yourself in any of these situations, you can try them!


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