6 Possible Symptoms of a Heart Attack


If you present these signs, go immediately to an emergency center

It may sound repetitive, but prevention and acting on time are the keys to saving many people’s lives from various diseases and health problems. An example is cardiovascular ailments, so that you know how to react in time, know the possible symptoms of a heart attack.

Possible symptoms of a heart attack


When a person suffers a heart attack, the blood supply to their organs is reduced. This causes the blood pressure to drop a lot, generating sweating in the person. This release of water is usually cold.

Shortness of breath

The arteries through which blood passes are blocked. This results in blood not reaching the lungs or the heart. Consequently, the individual suffers from high air or choking because blood does not reach the respiratory system.

Oppressive pain

Another of the symptoms of a heart attack is oppressive pain in the chest at the height of the chest, specifically in the center of the chest . However, sometimes it may appear next.

In some situations such pain extends to the shoulder and left arm and jaw. In more rare cases, it can also damage the right arm, neck and abdomen.

It should be noted that, unlike angina, the grief caused by a heart attack usually extends much over time.

Feeling of death

When a person is having a heart attack, he has a feeling that something bad is going to happen to his body. It is as if he feels that he is going to die.

Dizziness and nausea

Another of the symptoms of a heart attack are dizziness and nausea. These occur as a result of the decrease in tension and blood deficit in the brain.


Anguish is another of the signs that the person presents because he enters a despair when he sees that it does not improve even if he feels or changes position.

Gastritis, pain in the arms, digestive problems or heartburn are other signs that should be paid attention, especially if they are accompanied by any of the symptoms mentioned above.



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