6 Home Remedies for Joint Pain


Older and obese people suffer the most from joint pain, but these can relieve their symptoms with these remedies.

One of the main causes of joint pain is arthritis, caused by the lack of cartilage between the bones. The treatment of this disease must be performed by the doctor, but there are also home remedies for joint pain that can be used in conjunction with medical treatment.

Best home remedies for joint pain

The people who suffer most from joint pain are the elderly and obese. The elderly because they no longer produce the same amount of cartilage as when they were young. In these cases, they must be replaced with special foods and supplements.

With regard to the obese, the pains occur due to the excess of fat that hinders the circulation of the blood and demands too much of the bones that end up putting an extra weight on the joints.

Both cases require specific medical treatment, but home remedies for joint pain are effective in accelerating pain relief by providing pain relievers and other effects, as you will see, below.

1. Foods rich in omega-3

Foods rich in healthy fats such as omega-3, are good allies in the home treatment of joint pain, as they are anti-inflammatory and help reduce cartilage wear. These foods are flaxseed, chia, avocado, coconut, fish oil, fatty fish, olives and other healthy vegetable oils.

2. Eucalyptus

The eucalyptus is a plant particularly known for its positive effect on respiratory diseases, but also provides an antirheumatic analgesic effect, and purifying. It can be used in the form of tea or it is also interesting to buy eucalyptus essential oil to massage the joints and thus relieve pain.

3. Herb Tea Mix

You can also gather some types of herbs that offer an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect in the same infusion. For example, you can mix sage, rosemary and horsetail with boiling water, leave them in an infusion until warm, strain the herbs and drink up to two cups a day until the pain improves.

4. Watermelon

Do you find it strange to use this fruit as one of the home remedies for joint pain? The truth is that watermelon is a great fruit, rich in water and fiber that is essential to prevent body dryness and help eliminate excess uric acid that causes gout, another type of inflammation in the extremities of the body that causes a lot of pain. You can eat a slice of fresh watermelon a day.

5. Arnica tea

Arnica is a plant widely used in folk medicine to treat skin problems, relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, improve oral health and also treat joint diseases. All these problems have in common the need for an anti-inflammatory treatment to relieve symptoms, which is the great benefit that the plant offers.

6. Essential oils

Essential oils are extracted from plants and there is a great variety for various purposes in alternative medicine and aromatherapy. Ideally, look for an aromatherapist who is also a professional in the field of massage and other therapies that can apply therapeutic massage using essential oils for pain relief and continuous inflammation reduction. The professional can also recommend oils for you to buy and apply some types of massages at home.

Care to consider

The main care that should be taken into account when using home remedies for joint pain is not to do them as the main treatment. First, you should go to the doctor to find out if the cause of pain deserves special attention, such as gout or other types of arthritis. Although pain can often occur due to excessive exertion, when it is persistent it usually indicates that there is an inflammatory action that is going on.

Another tip is to talk with your doctor about which of these home remedies is best for you, since each person has particular needs and the same remedy is not for everyone. The doctor should also advise you on the type of medication and the dose, taking into account the contraindications in each case.

Important:  The data presented on this site never replaces the opinion of a specialist.


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