6 Foods that Damage the Liver


The liver is a vital organ for the proper functioning of the body. Pay attention to what directly affects your diet

The liver works hard to expel compounds that can be harmful, and it is important that you take care of your health, avoiding overloading it. Know what foods harm the liver to avoid them.

By ingesting products that are rich in fats, sugars, salt and chemicals, you are forcing the liver and the entire body to process and eliminate, weakening and inflaming the entire system.

Look at the 6 foods that harm the liver.

Foods that damage the liver

To protect this important organ, you should avoid these foods that harm the liver. Find out and stay healthy day by day!

1. Fried foods

Saturated fat is very difficult to process, being a big problem for the liver.

Empanadas, snacks, churros and other fried foods contain many saturated fats. To make matters worse, many of these foods sold on the street are prepared with lousy oils that are reused over and over again.

What not everyone knows is that reheated oil several times releases toxic substances related to liver cancer and others. Stay away from this danger!

2. Alcoholic beverages

Alcohol consumption is related to many diseases that attack the liver: cirrhosis, fatty liver (hepatic steatosis) and cancer. Alcohol is toxic in itself, but in small amounts it can be metabolized by the liver without major damage.

When consumption is frequent and in high doses, alcohol damages liver cells, impairing normal functioning. Avoid alcohol and drink only rarely. If you already have a liver problem, cut it completely!

3. Excess protein

Protein is an essential nutrient for human life, it participates in all the processes of our body, it even constitutes the entire muscle mass.

Despite this, some people are fooled into thinking that they can consume protein as they want and will soon be muscular. To increase muscle mass, physical training is necessary and adequate food for this purpose, but never with exaggeration.

Excess protein damages cells and overloads their functioning. In addition to also impair renal function. Attention!

4. Fatty foods

In addition to favoring obesity and increasing cholesterol, a diet with excess fat is very harmful to the liver, which is primarily responsible for metabolizing all that fat.

Opt for foods high in good fats: olive oil, avocado, coconut, peanuts. Avoid: ready sauces such as mayonnaise, cream, margarine, chicken skin, soybean oil.

5. Fast food or frozen food

Frozen hamburgers, fries, lasagna and pizza … Do you know what characterizes these foods? The high content of chemical preservatives to preserve food and enhance flavor.

If you look at the list of ingredients, you can hardly count how many things it contains! Worse, they are not food names but chemical names that you don’t even know!

When you eat this type of food frequently, your liver is overwhelmed with so many chemicals to filter and metabolize, leaving your organ tired and vulnerable to ailments and inflammations.

In addition, they have a high fat content, which makes your liver work even harder. Avoid these foods and consume them only occasionally. Protect your liver!

6. Sugar

Sugar is bad, this is a fact! It causes obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. It is not difficult to imagine that sugar is one of the foods that damage the liver, which multiply fat production, making it increasingly slow and inefficient.

The best thing you can do is avoid industrialized sugar and prioritize the natural sugar of the fruit, which is mixed with many fibers and does not overload the liver. Not even the sweetener is harmless, it also contains many chemical compounds.

Tips to detoxify the liver

In addition to stop consuming foods that damage the liver, you should try to cleanse your body of all accumulated dirt.

For that, try to maintain a healthy diet and make a detox diet for at least 15 days. Physical activities are essential, but also follow the following tips:

Drink lots of water, at least 2 liters per day. If you don’t like water, try flavors, teas, unsweetened fruit juices, coconut water, etc.

Eat a good amount of fibers so that your intestine can function better in eliminating toxins and so that some of the fat you eat can be absorbed by them instead of processed by the liver.

Avoid buying fruits and vegetables in the market as much as possible. Find a market or a nearby organic producer. Many can be found on the Internet, included in social networks.

Foods like beets and broccoli, in addition to dandelion and burdock tea, are excellent for detox diets.

Focus on vitamin C because it helps in the production of glutathione, which participates in the detoxification process.

Sweat a lot! The sauna, physical activities and other interesting activities can help you detoxify yourself by eliminating toxins through sweat.

It is essential to consult your trusted doctor before making dietary changes because each organism reacts differently to treatments. Keep in mind that the data presented in this article does not replace the opinion of a professional.


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