4 Tips to Clean a Greasy and Burned Baking Sheet


Did you make that delicious rib in the oven and wanted to throw it after the roasting pan? Calm, everything has a solution

Cooking food in the oven is a delight and a much healthier option than frying. But some recipes are more greasy like fatty meats. Others leave remains stuck and slightly burned in the bottom like lasagna. Sometimes, you are wrong and your hand goes out and your plate burns.

When one of these cases occurs, it can be very difficult to clean the oven tray. But it is possible with these 4 tips that you will see, to follow.

1. Remove excess liquid fat

If the fat in the baking pan is still liquid, before soaking it, clean the excess with paper towels. That way you will be eliminating enough fat and you will have to do less work in the following steps.

2. Soak the oven tray

This is the first (in this case, the second) action that must be done. It will be the first in case the fat is already solid. After use, soak the roasting pan filled with water, preferably in a large sink where it fits completely. Remember not to throw cold water in a very hot glass baking dish or you could break it.

If you are not going to wash the pan later, you can leave it in cold water. If you want to speed up the process, use boiling water to loosen the fat faster. A good detergent along with water also speeds up the process. Be careful not to burn yourself!

3. Use specific products to remove fat

Normally, when the case is thick fat, boiling water with detergent will be decisive. Thus, you will be able to wash with a sponge normally after the fat has melted.

But if you want a more effective option, use specific products to degrease the crockery. Let it work as directed on the packaging and then wash normally by hand or in the dishwasher.

4. For burns, use hot water with baking soda

After removing grease from your baking sheet, do you still have burnt residue left? If so, you must go to the second part of the process. Boil the water again, pour it into the baking sheet and mix a tablespoon (or more, depending on how damaged it is) of baking soda. Let it sit for an hour or two, and then wash it normally by rubbing with a sponge or aluminum and soap scourer.


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