2 Year-Old Girl Guides her Parents Daily

2 Year-Old Girl Guides her Parents Daily1
The parents of the child have visual impairments

Parents are the point of reference where children always look, especially when they are young. The parents are like a mirror or an example to follow that serve to take the children along the path of life. However, cases occur where it is the opposite. One of them is the 2-year-old girl who serves as a guide for her parents on a daily basis . Find out why.

A 2 year-old girl serves as a guide for her parents

Reading the headline that a 2 year-old girl guides her parents every day can be shocking. But the reason for this is that their parents suffer from visual impairments.

The importance and worth of this very small creature in the daily life of his parents is so immense that his mother has declared, in words collected by Razoes Para Acredita that “when God decided to give Ana as a gift he said:” Well, she it will be the eyes of the mother and father, their feet and their hands ».

Ana Clara, that this is the girl’s full name, besides being beautiful, very smart and having an impressive charisma, helps her parents explain the color of the clothes they are putting on, find objects and warn them of the presence of others to avoid encountering them and suffering some fall and / or damage.

The 2-year-old girl who guides her parents with visual impairments already has her own profile on the Instagram social network. Under the name of Princesinha Clarinha , the girl already has 270,000 followers.

Another of Ana Clara’s mother’s comments about her daughter has been that “she understands everything… since she was born, she already knew we couldn’t see. When something fell to the ground, she helped us lift it, always spontaneously.

For his part, the father said that his “wife has between 5% and 10% vision. For Ana, her mother sees, even a little. That’s why, when we go out, she grabs my hand, not his, since I don’t see anything. Having had Clarinha has been a fantastic thing. It was not a planned pregnancy, but she has been a blessing in our lives. It is our treasure ».

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2 Year-Old Girl Guides her Parents Daily

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