2 Scoops Of This Fast Weight Loss Syrup


The Quick Weight Loss Syrup you will learn right now is a great choice for anyone who wants to get rid of the extra pounds that plague the vast majority of people. In addition, for some people , weight loss  is difficult, only with diet and exercise . Some people need extra help.

And that help may come from a natural recipe. This is a slimming syrup that speeds up metabolism and burns fats. All ingredients make it easy to  lose weight and are good for your health. One of these ingredients is the onion . It alkalizes and sharpens the blood . In addition to detoxifying and helping to lose weight, it protects against cancer.

It is also good for detoxifying the lungs in cases of respiratory problems. The Cinnamon regulates glucose and protects from diabetes. In addition to helping lessen the need to eat sweet. It is a thermogenic, which speeds up the metabolism.

The lemon , strengthens immunity. Helps eliminate toxins, cleanses the liver and improves the body. The ginger  is excellent, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, protects against cancer, controls bad cholesterol, improves circulation and stimulates weight loss.

Benefits of Weight Loss Syrup

Relieves sore throats

The anti-inflammatory power  of lemon ginger and vitamin C  are excellent for fighting diseases and boosting immunity. Allied to honey , they become a powerful formula to recover the respiratory system. This combination even helps in relieving sore throats.

Combat Influenza and Colds

The combination of the three ingredients make this natural remedy a great warrior against colds and flu. “When we get low immunologically, whether due to illness or over-activity, we need to insert anti-inflammatory and immunity-enhancing foods. Therefore, the properties of this trio are excellent for such moments “, emphasizes nutritionist Giovana Canno.

Help To Lose Weight

Ginger syrup  for  weight loss works because the root has thermogenic power that increases body temperature, accelerates metabolism and burns fats. “The body has to spend more calories with this root than with other foods,” he explains. Giovana Canno.

However, the professional explains that the solution alone does not have a weight-loss effect only if it is allied to healthy habits such as a balanced diet and physical exercise. It is also worth remembering that honey  is a caloric food, although healthy, and should be consumed in moderation.

How To Make Syrup For Weight Loss:


2cm grated ginger

2 tablespoons cinnamon

3 tablespoons of honey

125 g of onion

4 lemons

Method of preparation:

Put the ginger  and onion in the blender . Then squeeze the  lemons and beat for 3 min. Add the honey  and cinnamon until it forms a syrup. Store in a glass container with a lid and place in the refrigerator.

How to take:

Take 1 teaspoon twice a day.

It can be in the morning on an empty stomach, or before lunch.

Or in the morning and the night before your workout.

For results, drink for 30 days.


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