10 Reasons why you can have an Uncontrolled Appetite

10 Reasons why you can have an Uncontrolled Appetite

Pay attention because behind this behavior could hide a disease

Have you ever felt an uncontrolled appetite that made you eat everything you had in the cupboards? You should know that this type of reaction may be due to a health problem, especially if it happens to you regularly and if you also have other symptoms. Know, to follow, the reasons to which this voracious hunger may be due.

Why do you have an uncontrolled appetite?

It is important that you know the reasons to be able to seek help and solve the possible problem you have.


One of the first symptoms of this disease is to always be hungry. You can also experience a thirst and abundant desire to urinate.


Hypoglycemia or low blood glucose is a pathology that is closely related to diabetes. However, not all diabetics suffer from it. Having an uncontrolled appetite could be a sign of hypoglycemia.


Unlike the previous ailment, hyperglycemia occurs when the person has a high blood glucose level. This can also be a cause of diabetes.

Premenstrual symptoms

The days before having the period or even while you are menstruating can cause women to have more anxiety.

Overactive thyroid

Hyperactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism can also cause an uncontrolled appetite in an individual. This is because the thyroid gland that makes the hormones that regulate various physiological processes in metabolism does not work properly.

Wakefulness problems

Problems when resting also make the person more hungry.


Being stressed causes the body to increase cortisol hormone levels. The result of this is an uncontrolled appetite. In fact, when someone is stressed, they feel more like eating sweet things and foods with saturated fats.

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Also known as cravings, can be an indication that a lady is on tape.


Some drugs can create a side effect in the body that makes you want to eat more. Some of them are antidepressants, steroids or antihistamines, among others.

Poor feeding

Eating a diet that is not balanced and lacking essential nutrients and vitamins will make you want to eat more.

Final tip:

Keep in mind that this article never replaces the opinion of a specialist. When faced with the slightest doubt or symptom, it is best to visit a doctor to evaluate your particular case and make an appropriate diagnosis.

10 Reasons why you can have an Uncontrolled Appetite

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